ACE holds itself and its members to the highest standards.

Effort, Flexibility, Positive Attitude

ACE’s Conservation Corps programs are designed to provide young adults and emerging land management professionals an overview to numerous types of environmental restoration activities. Within the context of accomplishing important environmental restoration projects we strive to physically and mentally challenge members to safely accomplish as much restoration work as possible on America’s public lands.

Whether serving out of our Arizona, California, Utah, or North Carolina branches, members are expected uphold the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Participation in ACE represents a contracted agreement between our staff and our members. ACE provides safety oversight, practical skills trainings, environmental education opportunities, professional supervision, housing, food, a stipend, and the chance to participate in production-oriented projects for many of America’s most cherished public lands.

In exchange we require members to follow instruction, give their best effort on each project regardless of the location or type of work involved, remain flexible with regard to project scheduling, respect without exception ACE camp rules on project and house rules on off days, and to maintain a positive, supportive attitude with their teammates.

ACE takes great pride in upholding our agreement to provide enriching project and service learning opportunities for our members and expect members to adopt their responsibilities in an equally earnest, considerate, and determined manner.


One of the most unique and engaging aspects of ACE is that our American Conservation Corps members are assigned as often as possible to serve on crews alongside our international and American Conservation Volunteer participants. While Conservation Corps members serve a minimum of 3 months and rotate less often between projects, our Conservation Volunteer participants serve a minimum of 8 weeks and rotate at least every four weeks to new project types and locations. When ACE is able to mix our Conservation Volunteer members into Conservation Corps projects we rely heavily on corps members to provide an extra layer of guidance and technical supervision for our less experienced but equally hardworking volunteers. This added layer of mentoring responsibility helps sustain ACE crew standards while developing leadership skills among our American corps members.