Project Schedule: California

Jan. 9th, 2015
Please notice that many of the projects starting next week now have descriptions and departing times listed below. Attached to each description you will find the email contact of your coordinating ACE crew leader.

Have fun with all of your orientations and trainings everyone! I am looking forward to meeting all you new folks!


Jan. 7th, 2015
Happy 2015 everyone!

It has been a rather exciting week with many of our staff members and continuing AmeriCorps members all present here in Santa Cruz. Several trainings have been underway throughout the week, and for some of you, trainings will continue into the later part of next week as well. The schedule has now been uploaded and is looking pretty complete through the end of January! Please take a look and reach out to me if you have any concerns. Additionally I will be updating the current project section (found below) to reflect our 2015 schedule. Be on the look out for this information and make sure to reach out to your supervisors.

As always feel free to email me or reach out to me at, or reach me through my cell at (928) 266-6078.

Eric Robertson

P.S. Also make sure to check out our Facebook page to see what all of the ACE members are doing, program-wide.

Project Descriptions


Our diligent ACE Safety Coordinator, Colin Giegerich, will be coming out from our Arizona branch in order to provide our continuing AmeriCorps members with a Wilderness First Aid (WFA) training. On Saturday at 1pm Erik Grundvig will depart with a van and trailer from the Santa Cruz member house en route to a nearby campsite. After arriving at the campsite Erik will be holding a short Leave No Trace (LNT) training at the campground. The crew will be camping Saturday and Sunday night at the campground, where breakfast, lunch, and dinner will be provided, but will function in the exact way our crews operate. Please bring all necessary items for camping for two nights, including water containers and tuperware. Additionally please make sure to bring a pen/pencil(s), a notebook, and a functioning headlamp as there is certainly some studying involved when receiving the WFA certification. In chance that you think you may study with another member, blank flashcard may not be a bad idea too.

The WFA course will be held at a location nearby the campground. After the completion of the course on Monday afternoon/evening you will head to the Santa Cruz warehouse in order to drop of certain items before settling back into the ACE Santa Cruz member house.

Goodluck and have fun! It's a great course!

Erik's Email -

Cleveland Trails

Under the leadership of Bobby Faller, you will be working on the Barker Valley Spur Trail (an old mining road developed many years ago) in Temecula, CA. You will be departing the Santa Cruz member house at 6am on Jan. 12th.As this project as a whole is a 3-month long trail and rock work project each tour there is an objective and a sense of accomplishment that is achieved. There are many reasons why ACE is taking part in this project, but two of the main reasons revolve around trail longevity and water mitigation standards.

You will be out stationed away from the Santa Cruz member house for a long period of time, so please plan accordingly. After the first hitch of 9-days your days-off will be SoCal and you will remain with your fellow crewmembers. When the second tour of 9-days wraps up, you and the rest of the crew will be returning to the Santa Cruz member house for days-off.

The general environment and climate is a high desert like climate. There are stellar sunsets and sunrise in conjunction to the surreal lookouts. Please reach out to Bobby or myself with additonal questions!

Bobby's Email -

Lake Berryessa

Trevor Willits will be taking you and your fellow crewmembers on a neat adventure that will be taking place at the McLaughlin Natural Reserve, which is southeast of Clearlake, CA. You will depart from the ACE Santa Cruz member house at 7am on Monday, January 12th. While you are stationed out at the reserve you will be taking part in a large plant propigation project. Unlike many of our projects that are camping based, housing will be provided while you are out on project. You still will need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, any other personal toiletries/items, and workday supplies.

Please remember that the housing accomodations provided for this project are unusual, so please keep your personal areas clean and leave a good impression on the reserve staff! Expect to see me on one of the days, as I plan on making a trip to the reseve for a site visit. Enjoy it out there!

Trevor's email -

Ventana HOA

Ryan Kuehn will be taking you and your small crew on a short 4-day project. While the project takes part in somewhat of an urban setting, your campsite will be at an entirely different location. You will be departing from the ACE Santa Cruz member house at 7am on Tuesday, January 13th. Please make sure to pack both short and long sleeve shirts as it will be helpful regarding the tasks during the workday.

Lunches will be provided by the project partner each day! You will be returning to the ACE Santa Cruz member house on Friday, January 16.

Ryan's email -

Chainsaw Training

Our Chainsaw Coordinator, Katie Beadling has sent all of you an email in regards to the details of this training. If you did not recieve this email, or have any questions please direct them towards Katie.

Katie's email -

East Bay Mountain Biking
Content coming soon.
Southern California Restoration
Content coming soon.
Cleveland Fuels
Content coming soon.

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