Project Schedule: Southeast

Project Descriptions

Andersonville National Historic Site Maintenance

Pick Up Time: 2018-01-08 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Nicole Macnamee

Project Description: In it’s 14 months of existence during the Civil War, Andersonville was the site of one of the largest Confederate prison camps. A rural, tranquil place of remembrance, today it is an active cemetery for American veterans and a memorial to all American prisoners of war throughout the nation's history. An ACE crew will assist in bettering the aesthetic appearance of Andersonville National Historic Site and preserving the historic and cultural significance of this site by improving the overall landscape in the National Cemetery to enhance visual enjoyment of visitors and guests. Tasks performed will include the re-alignment of sunken headstones, using brushcutters to weedeat in the cemetery and around historic earthworks of the prison site, seeding soil or placing sod of new headstones, pesticide treatment of invasive bamboo and fire ants, cleaning headstones, painting cemetery markers, cleaning drains, and other various maintenance tasks.

Duration: Crew will camp and work at Andersonville for two weeks at a time, then return to Asheville for a weekend in between to resupply on food, or any tools/gear they may need. Work week : M-F 7AM-3:30PM

Camping and Weather: Front country camping at Andersonville. The crew will have access bathrooms with toilets and running water at the visitor center (will remain unlocked overnight). Crew leader will have a key to the maintenance building which has a shower.

Project Specific Notes: Could be warm during the day (site is exposed) and very chilly at night, be sure to pack layers and bring rain gear. Lots of digging in the Georgia red clay, beware, that stuff stains!

Carl Sandburg NHS Trails & Fencing

Pick Up Time: 2018-01-16 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Norman Rutherford

Project Description: The ACE crew will work directly with NPS trails staff at Carl Sandburg NHS to assist in the construction of an approximately 800ft turnpike made of locust logs and filled in with crush-and-run. This will require widening some sections of the existing trail and a good amount of digging. Other tasks will include clearing debris from drains, transporting locust logs, brushing trail corridor, hauling crush, re-crushing in some structures and re-spreading crush on other sections of trail. Fencing construction and repair will take place in the coming weeks.

Duration: This is a Mon-Thurs project. Work days will be 10 hours long, 7am to 5:30pm.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be commuting each day from the Caribou house in Asheville. Be ready to leave every day at 7AM with all your drinking water, lunch, PPE and rain gear ready to go in your day pack.

Project Specific Notes: It's cold! Pack lots of warm layers for chilly morning hours or windy days. The hiking trails are popular among the local community be safe, stay professional and have fun!

Crosscut Saw Training

Pick Up Time: 2018-01-11 08:30:00

Crew Leader: Josh Burt

Project Description: Crosscut training will be two days long. On the first day, crew members will be in the classroom at the Fletcher office. Pickup will be from the Caribou house at 8:30 am. Lunch will be provided, but come prepared dressed for field work. There will be some cutting in the back. The second day will be spent cutting in the field in Sumter National Forest, South Carolina. Pickup will be from the Caribou house at 7 am. Crew members will need to be prepared with their day bags, a lunch, and water.

Duration: Two days

Camping and Weather: The crew will be based out of Caribou.

Project Specific Notes:

Richmond Hills

Pick Up Time: 2018-02-13 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Josh Burt

Project Description: The City of Asheville runs the Richmond Hills Park and Frisbee Golf Course. They have signed an agreement with ACE to complete four weeks of work on their five mile trail system. Work will include hazard tree removal, brushing, and trail work.

Duration: T-F, 10 hour days

Camping and Weather: The crew will be based out of Caribou. Van will leave from the Caribou house at 7 am and return at 5:30-ish.

Project Specific Notes: Be prepared for cold and possibly wet weather. During hazard tree operations, crew members will occasionally be tasked with flagging operations. This involves standing in one place holding a sign. Be dressed to do this comfortably in temperatures that may be well below freezing. Also, griphoists and chainsaws will be in use. The griphoist requires level 2 training and the chainsaw is a level 3 tool.

Cumberland Island National Seashore

Pick Up Time: 2018-01-15 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Corey Harrison

Project Description: Cumberland Island National Seashore is a small island off the Atlantic coast of Georgia. The park was hit hard by Hurricane Irma bringing down trees and debris down throughout the 20 miles of trail. The crew will be clearing these trails using wilderness tools.

Duration: The crew will work M-Th for a two-week hitch and then return to Asheville.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be camping on the island.

Project Specific Notes: Weather is extremely variable at this time of year. Pack for all conditions.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse ONA Trails and Maintenance

Pick Up Time: 2018-02-12 06:00:00

Crew Leader: Chelesi White

Project Description: Crew members will be heading down to Jupiter, Florida for a two week trails and maintenance project. The folks at Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse are adding a new section of trail that will require significant veg removal. Crew members will use chainsaws, brushcutters, and hand tools to clear the trail corridor down to bare soil. Long sleeve ACE shirts will be required for those using power tools. Please bring all of your ACE shirts and clothes for your off-days. The lighthouse is on Bureau of Land Management land and is incredibly beautiful. Jupiter is a pretty affluent area of Florida. The crew will spend two full weeks on this project including off-days.

Duration: This is a two week project beginning at 6:00 Am on Monday, Feb. 12th and returning on Friday, Feb. 23rd. Off days will be in the field.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be staying in an air-conditioned bunkhouse on BLM right next to the lighthouse. You will not need your tents but please bring your sleeping bags and sleeping pads. The houses have bathrooms and running water plus a refrigerator.

Project Specific Notes: Please make sure you bring your rain gear. It rains a lot in Florida. The weather will be in the upper 70s to low 80s during the day and upper 60s to low 70s at night.

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