Project Schedule: Southeast

Project Descriptions

Andersonville National Historic Site Maintenance

Pick Up Time: 2019-01-14 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Corey Harrison & River Rannow. Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: In it’s 14 months of existence during the Civil War, Andersonville was the site of one of the largest Confederate prison camps. A rural, tranquil place of remembrance, today it is an active cemetery for American veterans and a memorial to all American prisoners of war throughout the nation's history. An ACE crew will assist in bettering the aesthetic appearance of Andersonville National Historic Site and preserving the historic and cultural significance of this site by improving the overall landscape in the National Cemetery to enhance visual enjoyment of visitors and guests. Tasks performed will include the re-alignment of sunken headstones, using brushcutters to weedeat in the cemetery and around historic earthworks of the prison site, boundary marking the perimeter of the park, pesticide treatment of invasive bamboo and invasive fire ants, seeding soil or placing sod, cleaning headstones, painting cemetery markers, cleaning drains, and other various maintenance tasks.

Duration: 2 week hitches spent in Andersonville Week 1- Mon-Fri, five, eight hour days 7am-3:30pm (Monday crew travels from Asheville) Week 2- Mon-Thur four, ten hour days 7am-5:30pm (Thursday crew travels back to Asheville for a weekend, work for a couple of hours in the morning 7a -9am)

Camping and Weather: The crew will front country camp in a wooded area east of the visitor center parking lot. The park has provided picnic tables an extension cord to a flood light at camp, trash bins, 2 fire rings, a metal storage bin and an outdoor shower with hose hook up and sinks (cold water only). Drive time to cemetery/bamboo patch/maintenance facility approximately 1 minute. In case of extreme weather emergencies, the Visitor Center basement is unlocked for shelter.The crew will have access bathrooms with toilets and running water at the visitor center – museum (will remain unlocked overnight). Crew leader will have a key to the maintenance building near park office in cemetery area, which has a shower. Crew is expected to clean up after themselves and keep the maintenance building clean and free of clutter. Park has also graciously allowed the crew to utilize ice machine at maintenance area for their coolers. Crew leader will be issued a key to access washer and dryer in volunteer building.

Project Specific Notes: Please remember to stay professional and respectful of visitors. Although it can be warm in southwest Georgia, it can get pretty cold this time of the year, last year the crew experienced a little bit of snow. Remember your layers! Be sure to check out the museum lots of fascinating history!

Prince William Forest Park Historic Preservation

Pick Up Time: 2019-01-15 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Caroline Lower. Project Manager: Sean Reckert

Project Description: An ACE crew of 6 will be heading up to Northern Virginia to help to restore and rebuild historic entry gates in Prince William Forest Park (PRWI). Prince William is a very large urban park consisting of approximately 15,000 acres and is just 30 minutes from Washington D.C. It is a very popular destination for locals looking to escape the very dense urban areas of the region in both summer and fall. The Park has a number of historic cabins for rent that quickly fill up with tourists looking to spend time in the woods. Visitors also enjoy the over 900 different plants, 22 mammal and 129 bird species that have been identified in the park. With all the visitation, the park in constant need of maintenance. The crew will help to rebuild and repair 46 entry gates made of both wood and metal. The work will also include building and installing new gate where needed

Duration: Each crew will be out for THREE WEEK hitches working 5, 8 hour days. Two weekends will be spent out in the field.

Camping and Weather: The Crew will be staying at a cabin provided by the park with full bathrooms, running water and showers. The cabins do have beds, but still bring your sleeping bags, and we also advise to bring sheets from the ACE house.

Project Specific Notes: Outdoor work is cold this time of year, remember to bring layers and rain gear!!!

Nantahala National Forest Vegetation Management

Pick Up Time: 2019-01-15 06:00:00

Crew Leader: Nicole MacNamee. Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: American Conservation Experience has entered into a long term, collaborative partnership to work to restore habitats within the Nantahala and Pisgah National Forests of North Carolina. The ACE crew will help to survey for and control non-native invasive species that have invaded both forests. Many of the areas to be surveyed and treated have burned during recent wildfires and other areas are important forested and riparian habitat. Invasive species are very opportunistic and will invade heavily impacted natural areas. Both forests have partnered with ACE to help protect these critical habitats for the benefit of native fauna and flora. THIS HITCH (01/21 – 01/25) The crew will be working in Nantahala NF near Franklin, North Carolina, controlling invasive woody grape and smoke vines by utilizing backpack sprayers and herbicide to perform a “streamline-basal-bark” spray treatment of these vines. Invasive vines are some of the most troublesome invaders because they often form the densest infestations, making control difficult. Many of these vines overtop even mature forests and often form mixed species infestations with invasive trees and shrubs, decreasing the overall biodiversity and health of the forest. There are different worksites that the crew will travel to, all are off trail. Terrain will be moderate to very steep and will require lots of hiking up and down while wearing a backpack sprayer.

Duration: Departing @ 7AM ON Monday January 21st. This week is a 5 day working week project, 10 hour days. Will return to Asheville Friday afternoon for de-rig.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be allowed to stay in USFS provided housing near the town of Robbinsville, NC. There are full bathrooms with running water, toilet, shower. Staying here is a privilege, please respect this space and keep in clean.

Project Specific Notes: Long sleeves are required for any pesticide project. It will be cold, remember your layers! Forestry vests will be provided and have many pockets for carrying hand tools, they are very useful for off-trail hiking intensive projects.

Moss Rock Preserve-City of Hoover Trails & Invasives Species Management

Pick Up Time: 2019-01-15 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Corey Harrison & Caroline Lower

Project Description: A crew from American Conservation Experience will be returning to the city of Hoover Alabama once again to provide helping hands on the trails and in the forested areas of Moss Rock Preserve. Trail work will include brushing the trails of Moss Rock Preserve, removing blow down trees from the trail corridor and potentially some cyclic maintenance or rock work. Restoration work will include assisting the Preserve with the removal of several species of woody invasive plants using the cut-stump method and an herbicide application. Invasive species threaten the health and biodiversity of our public lands and outdoor recreation spaces by competing with native flora and fauna.

Duration: Tuesday the crew will travel down to Alabama, leaving ACE house at 7AM. Work days will be Wed- Friday. The crew will spend a weekend in Alabama and the following week the crew will work Monday to Thursday and travel back to Asheville on Friday.

Camping and Weather: The crew will front country camp at Oak Mont State Park. The campground here has full service bathrooms including showers!

Project Specific Notes: Long sleeves are required for any pesticide project. It will likely get chilly, remember your layers! BRING YOUR RAIN GEAR!!! Rain is in the forecast. P.S. if you like bouldering bring your climbing shoes! Ample opportunities for great climbing at Moss Rock Preserve during your off days!

Conserving Carolina Bearwallow Trail Staircase Construction

Pick Up Time: 2019-01-22 07:00:00

Crew Leader: River Rannow

Project Description: ACE is collaborating once again with our long-time partners at Conserving Carolina to rehabilitate a short section of the Bearwallow Trail in Gerton, North Carolina. This small section of trail will require the installation of some locust box steps, making crush to fill in the steps, ripping out some of the old rock currently serving as steps, and re-setting some of these rocks to serve as better functioning steps. Some hiking and hauling of materials will be involved. Use proper body mechanics when working with and lifting rock and heavy wood like locust!

Duration: Tues- Fri, 10 hour days.

Camping and Weather: The crew will commute back and forth each day from the ACE house to the worksite. Be ready to leave promptly at 7am each morning.

Project Specific Notes: The drive to this site can be steep and winding but it is not a very long commute, approx. 35 minutes from the ACE house. Bring lots of layers, it is high elevation and it will be cold! DON’T FORGET YOUR RAINGEAR.

Bearwallow Trail - Conserving Carolina

Pick Up Time: 2019-01-22 07:00:00

Crew Leader: River Rannow

Project Description: The Bearwallow trail is a popular dayhiking destination in the Hickory Nut Gorge, NC. The trail passes through a conservation easement managed by the non-profit organization, Conserving Carolina. Just below the summit of Bearwallow mountain, the trail passes by a seep coming out of a rocky outcropping. Over the course of most winters, this causes the trail to become icy and hazardous. Conserving Carolina would like us to build a staircase over the seep out of native rock and locust logs.

Duration: T-F. 10 hour days. Two weeks total.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be commuting from the Caribou House each morning.

Project Specific Notes: Weather on top of the mountain will be challenging. Bring lots of layers and some way to carry hot drinks with you.

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