Project Schedule: Southeast

Project Descriptions

Great Smoky Mountains NP: Rainbow Falls Trail

Pick Up Time: 2018-09-12 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Jess Coffee-Johnson (CL) & Amanda Temple (ACL). Project Manager: Josh Burt

Project Description: Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the National Park system. It is comprised of 800 square miles of mixed hardwood forest less than a day's drive from over half of the country's population. Visitors come to the Smokies to see one of the park's blackbears, appreciate panoramic views of the Southern Appalachian mountains, tube Deep Creek, and hike the more than 800 miles of backcountry trails. This year the crew will be assisting the GRSM Trails Forever crew to rebuild and restore the Rainbow Falls Trail. The work will include cyclic maintenance, rock harvesting and shaping, and some carving trails out of bedrock. More info at:

Duration: Tuesday-Thursday

Camping and Weather: The crew will be front country based out of Greenbrier Campground.

Project Specific Notes: This a hiking-heavy project. Expect to hike at least 6 miles a day on a moderate to strenuous trail. The crew will be working in close proximity to the NPS Trails Forever Crew. This crew expects a high degree of professionalism and efficient work on the job site. Remember to stay moving and take initiative to find tasks. The work will include a significant amount of griphoisting (level 2 tool) and hand tool work.

Gettysburg Rock Wall and Fencing

Pick Up Time: 2018-07-16 07:00:00

Crew Leader: CL: Stephanie Hightower. Project Manager: Sean Reckert

Project Description: This will be the second ACE crew working in Gettysburg in 2018! A crew of 6 will be helping the Park to build and repair free-standing rock walls in multiple locations. The crew will use dry stone masonry techniques, which means that no concrete or mortar will be used. The walls will be built to match the historic walls already present within the Park. Crew members will work alongside NPS maintenance staff and archaeologists. Later in the hitch, crew members will help to rebuild historic wooden fences in several areas throughout the park. The crew will have an opportunity to work with brushcutters and small hand tools when fixing and rebuilding those fences. This is a MONTH-LONG project, which means the crew will be out for 4 straight weeks in Gettysburg. The crew will also be camping PART-TIME in the Park while also sharing a house with the veg crew. Please make sure to bring all of your camping gear, including your tent and sleeping bags. The crew will have access to showers each day at the visitor center.

Duration: This is a MONTH-LONG project. All off days will be in the field. The schedule will be 10 hour days Mon-Thurs. with three days off.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be camping near the Park's ranger station. It is a very large field with plenty of room to spread out. There will be deluxe port-o-potties that include sinks. Showers will be available at the visitor center. Please bring ALL of your camping gear.

Project Specific Notes: Please bring your rain gear!!!

Andersonville National Historic Site Maintenance

Pick Up Time: 2018-08-20 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Mike Burrrows. Assistant Crew Leader: Kylie Thornburg. Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: In it’s 14 months of existence during the Civil War, Andersonville was the site of one of the largest Confederate prison camps. A rural, tranquil place of remembrance, today it is an active cemetery for American veterans and a memorial to all American prisoners of war throughout the nation's history. An ACE crew will assist in bettering the aesthetic appearance of Andersonville National Historic Site and preserving the historic and cultural significance of this site by improving the overall landscape in the National Cemetery to enhance visual enjoyment of visitors and guests. Tasks performed will include the re-alignment of sunken headstones, using brushcutters to weedeat in the cemetery and around historic earthworks of the prison site, boundary marking the perimeter of the park, pesticide treatment of invasive bamboo and invasive fire ants, seeding soil or placing sod, cleaning headstones, painting cemetery markers, cleaning drains, and other various maintenance tasks.

Duration: This project runs as a two week hitch. Working a week in Andersonville, spending a weekend down there, working another week, then returning to Asheville for a weekend. Week 1- Mon-Fri, five, eight hour days 7am-3:30pm (Monday crew travels from Asheville) Week 2- Mon-Thur; four, ten hour days 7am-5:30pm (Thursday the crew works 2 hours in the morning, 7a -9am then travels back to Asheville for a weekend.

Camping and Weather: The crew will front country camp in a wooded area east of the visitor center parking lot. The park has provided picnic tables an extension cord to a flood light at camp, trash bins and an outdoor shower with hose hook up and sinks (cold water only).crew will have access bathrooms with toilets and running water at the visitor center – museum (will remain unlocked overnight). Crew leader will have a key to the maintenance building near park office in cemetery area, which has a shower. Crew is expected to clean up after themselves and keep the maintenance building clean and free of clutter. Drive time to cemetery/bamboo patch/maintenance facility approximately 1 minute.

Project Specific Notes: Please remember to stay professional and respectful of visitors. Some of the work sites are very exposed to the sun, drink lots of water and take breaks in the shade. Be sure to check out the museum lots of fascinating history! Great sunsets and good ice cream at the Andersonville General Store within walking distance of the Park.

Prince William Forest Park Historic Preservation

Pick Up Time: 2018-09-17 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Crew Leader: Robin Crandall/ Tim Emeritz Project Manager: Sean Reckert

Project Description: An ACE crew of 5 will be heading up to Northern Virginia to help to restore and rebuild historic entry gates in Prince William Forest Park (PRWI). Prince William is a very large urban park consisting of approximately 15,000 acres and is just 30 minutes from Washington D.C. It is a very popular destination for locals looking to escape the very dense urban areas of the region in both summer and fall. The Park has a number of historic cabins for rent that quickly fill up with tourists looking for great views of the fall foliage. Visitors also enjoy the over 900 different plants, 22 mammal and 129 bird species that have been identified in the park. With all the visitation, the park in constant need of maintenance. The crew will help to rebuild and repair 46 entry gates made of both wood and metal. The work will also include building and installing new gate where needed. Our new crew leader, Robin Crandall, will bring his welding skills to ACE as several of the fences need to be build from scratch. Corps members will not be able to weld but will help get the finished gates into the ground and secured.

Duration: Each crew will be out for THREE WEEK hitches working 5, 8 hour days. Two weekends will be spent out in the field.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be camping in the Oak Ridge Campground within Prince William. It is a very nice wooded campground with full bathrooms, running water and showers. Please bring all of your camping gear.

Project Specific Notes: Remember that rain gear!!!

Monongahela National Forest: Hawk's Ridge Trail Re-route Construction

Pick Up Time: 2018-10-01 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Charlie Tate. Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: An ACE crew will return to the Greenbriar District of the Monongahela National Forest to construct new single track trail re-routes for the Hawk’s Ridge Trail. Much of the trail re-routes follow old forest service/logging roads and will be road to trail conversion. Some of the re-routes will traverse through thick spruce tree forest. The work will involve cutting new trail by benching in with standard trail tools. The finished product will be a tread width of 18 inches and a trail corridor of 8 feet high by 6 feet wide. Drainage features such a grade dips will be constructed where necessary. The USFS staff will pin flag the trail corridor and perform much of the corridor clearing work out ahead of the ACE crew.

Duration: This project will run as a 2 week hitch. The crew will spend 2 weeks and 1 weekend in West Virginia, returning to Asheville, NC on the Friday of the 2nd week for de-rig. The crew will work Monday to Friday, 8 hour days.

Camping and Weather: Primitive campsites located very close to Hawk’s Ridge trail (hike in ½ mile) where the crew will be working. The van and trailer will be close to where the crew will set up tents. Food and scented items will be locked away in trailer. No bathroom facilities or water. Water will be filled up in cubies from the Greenbriar Ranger station which is about a 20 minute drive from the campsite in Bartow, WV. This area of West Virginia is remote, cell phone service is very limited. AT&T has best coverage.

Project Specific Notes: Remember your leave no trace ethics! There are bears in the area so we must be diligent in picking up after ourselves and not leaving scented items in our tents. The nearest “large” town is Elkins, WV. Come prepared for all types of weather, pack layers and rain gear for wet days and cooler nights. High elevation and it is COLD at night and in the mornings!

Blue Ridge Parkway - Flat Top Trail

Pick Up Time: 2018-10-16 00:00:00

Crew Leader: Tim Emeritz

Project Description: ACE will be working on the Flat Top Trail on the Blue Ridge Parkway in VA, one of the many Peaks of Otter hiking trails. This part of the parkway offers a variety of hikes and scenic vistas. The crew will be using hand tools for cyclical trail maintenance. Be prepared to hike and work amid some beautiful views! Expect rain and COLD temperatures, bring layers!

Duration: The crew will drive to Colonial on Monday, work 10 hrs on Tuesday, and then head to Flat Top on Wednesday. The crew will then work part of the day on Wednesday, a full day on Thursday, and head back to Asheville on Friday.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be tent camping near a comfort station that has restrooms and running water.

Project Specific Notes: Remember to bring warm clothes and rain gear. It will be cold!

Congaree NP Restoration/Veg. Management

Pick Up Time: 2018-10-01 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Caroline Lower, Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: This project is a great opportunity to learn about some of the land management techniques used by the National Park Service. ACE corps members will work with Congaree staff to restore long-leaf pine habitat throughout the park. Congaree is represents the last bottom land hardwood forests in the NPS system, which is a very rare habitat in the United States. Over the years, this type of land was developed or used in agriculture, threatening the many native species that depend on this type of habitat. This includes long-leaf pines that have been reduced due to the encroachment of other, more aggressive native and non-native species. The NPS have instituted an restoration program for long-leaf pine that includes controlled fire and vegetation management. The crew will help with vegetation management that will include treating several aggressive species including sweetgum, which is a native but can be very aggressive in human altered environments. The crew will also treat and remove several non-native species throughout the park. This project will include herbicide use to aid in the elimination of the target plants. Please bring all of your ACE shirts and a few change of clothes. You will be staying in a rental house with showers and laundry available.

Duration: This is a MONTH LONG project with the first three weekends spent in the field in South Carolina. Please pack accordingly.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be sharing a house with the Congaree Trail Crew. Showers and laundry will be available.

Project Specific Notes: Remember that rain gear. There may be alternate projects on rainy days.

Daniel Boone National Forest

Pick Up Time: 2018-10-08 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Mat Landis, Claire Martin (ACL), Josh Burt (PM)

Project Description: The Daniel Boone National Forest (originally the Cumberland National Forest) is a national forest in Kentucky. Established in 1937, it includes 708,000 acres (287,000 ha) of federally owned land within a 2,100,000 acres (850,000 ha) proclamation bounty. The name of the forest was changed in 1966 in honor of the explorer Daniel Boone. The terrain of the forest is generally rugged, and includes multiple prominent water features. It is home to a range of plant and animal species, although many areas still bear evidence of industrial logging and other practices which took place mostly prior to federal protection. It is a popular recreational and tourist destination which serves a million or more visitors a year, and contains several widely recognized areas which are protected in their own right, including state parks, trails, wilderness areas, and landmarks. The crew this season will be dividing their time equally among the different districts and performing cyclic trail maintenance.

Duration: The crew will travel on Monday. Work Tues-Fri and take a weekend off in the field. The following week, the crew will work M-W and work a half day Thursday followed by travel back to Asheville.

Camping and Weather: The camping will vary based on district. This hitch, the crew will be working out of Zilpo campground in the Cumberland district.

Project Specific Notes:

Great Smoky Mountains NP Vegetation Management

Pick Up Time: 2018-10-22 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Jason Rannow. Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: Great Smoky Mountains National Park is the most visited park in the National Park system. It is comprised of 800 square miles of mixed hardwood forest less than a day's drive from over half of the country's population. Visitors come to the Smokies to see one of the park's blackbears, appreciate panoramic views of the Southern Appalachian Mountains, and hike the more than 800 miles of backcountry trails. This fall an ACE crew will be working alongside the NPS Veg. Management staff to aid in restoring important native plant communities with in different areas of Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Check this description EVERY week because the scope of work, location and camping situation changes week to week. THIS WEEK Oct.22-25 The ACE crew will work with NPS staff to identify and treat multiple invasive species at various sites within the park, with the cut-stump herbicide application method, utilizing hand tools such as loppers, handsaws, and hand pruners.

Duration: This is a 4 day, 10 hour day working week. The crew will work Monday to Thursday, returning to the ACE office on Thursday in the afternoon for de-rig.

Camping and Weather: Front country camping at the Cosby Campground within Great Smoky Mountains National Park. The crew will have access to the bathroom with running water, bring a towel for showering! We are in major bear territory. Do not leave any scented items or food in your tent, store it locked in the trailer.

Project Specific Notes: It is going to be COLD. Pack LOTS of layers and don’t forget your rain gear. You all will be working directly with NPS staff, please be positive and professional. It is Elk rut season and the crew will be working in areas of high elk population, be smart and safe when it comes to wildlife encounters. You must wear long sleeves for pesticide application. HAVE FUN!!!


Pick Up Time: 2018-10-22 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Corey Harrison

Project Description: Manassas National Battlefield park is located in Northern Virginia, in the Metro DC area. The park is in the process of restoring the site to as close to its appearance at the time of the two battles of Manassas as is practically possible. For this project, the NPS is focusing on an entrenched railroad grade that was present during the civil war and since has become overgrown with brush and small trees. The crew will be removing most of the larger vegetation using brush cutters and chain saws.

Duration: The crew will work early 8 hour days to beat busy DC traffic. They will be in Virginia for 4 weeks at a time.

Camping and Weather: The crew will be camping for the first two weeks at Bull Run Regional Park. It is front country.

Project Specific Notes: There will be power equipment running near constantly on this project. Remember your situational awareness and stay the heck away from each other.

KD Ecological Mud Creek Floodplain Forest/Riparian Restoration

Pick Up Time: 2018-10-22 07:00:00

Crew Leader: Nicole Macnamee. Project Manager: Krishun Karau

Project Description: KD Ecological is a long-time partner of the local non-profit known as Conserving Carolina. Both of these organizations work to protect and restore public lands to their native habitats and promote biodiversity. They will be using an ACE crew for the first time at the Mud Creek Restoration Site. Mud Creek feeds into the French Broad River and the restoration site is considered a Montane Alluvial Forest. This will be a long term flood plain/riparian restoration project between Conserving Carolina and KD Ecological. The work site is located in Mills River, North Carolina (about 15 minutes from the office.) The ACE Crew specifically will be working along Mud Creek and the French Broad River, removing large, woody invasive species (Bradford pear, Chinese & European privet, Autumn Olive, Oriental bittersweet) with hand saws and loppers and then immediately treating the stumps with an herbicide solution. The primary focus is to target seed producing classes of the invasive species. For more information about the mud creek site or KD Ecological feel free to read the following links: Mud Creek Site: KD Ecological:

Duration: This is a one week (5 day) project. The crew will work five 8-hour days, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm.

Camping and Weather: The project will be commuting daily from the Caribou house. The crew will leave promptly at 8:30 every morning. There is NO access to drinking water at the work site and crews WILL work in the rain. Please have enough water (4 – 6 liters) and remember your rain gear.

Project Specific Notes: Everyone will be using herbicide on this project. Long-sleeves are required. Come prepared with layers for cold days!