Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program

What will you do with your summer?

2017 ACE CRDIP Report

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Final Projects

Interns submit final projects and present them to their peers at the close of their summer experiences. Interns are encouraged to be creative while at the same time convey the scope, context, and learning gained from their internships.

Below are some selected examples of final projects from the 2016 CRDIP cohort:

Gabriel Taliaferrow (Biscayne National Park) created a video about his experiences diving, excavating, and cataloging artifacts.

Ahleah Boise (Big South Fork River National Recreation Area) created a presentation to showcase her project mapping, researching, and generating content for their GIS database.

Alex Campbell (Cumberland Gap National Historic Park) created a presentation that demonstrated the historic preservation efforts he and the rest of the CUGA team participated in.

Dania Jordan (Northeast Region History Program) created a presentation that showed her work with the Urban Archaeology Corps in Lawrence, MA and the projects she completed for the history program.