CRDIP Intern Profiles


Below we feature the profiles of our EPIC Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program Members

Emily Roberts

Cultural Resources Management Intern – George Washington Memorial Parkway

Emily is from Troy, NY and received her Bachelor of Science in anthropology from Binghamton University. She is a Cultural Resource Management Intern for the National Park Service at the George Washington Memorial Parkway in Washington, DC. Emily’s background is in archaeology and she aims to pursue a career in cultural resource management, heritage preservation, and public archaeology.

Colleen Truskey

GIS Research Intern – Northeast Regional Office, Tribal and Cultural Affairs

My name is Colleen Truskey, and I’m a recent graduate from William & Mary where I studied anthropology and public health. I’m originally from southwestern Virginia, and this summer I’ll be working with the National Park Service to develop a database of lands within the Northeast region that are significant to Indigenous nations. Hopefully, this internship will be the start of a long career working to conserve cherished landscapes and the communities that develop around and within them. I’ll be based out of Massachusetts–my first time in the Northeast!

Danielle Kronmiller

Curator’s Assistant – Boston National Historic Park

My name is Danielle Kronmiller, I am from St. Louis, Missouri, and I am thrilled to be serving my CRDIP internship as the Curator’s Assistant with the National Park Service at Boston National Historical Park in Boston, Massachusetts. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in History from Truman State University, and I have recently returned from Scotland where I completed my Master’s in Museums and Gallery Studies at the University of St Andrews. I am elated by this opportunity to expand my experiences in a new city so full of history and culture, and I look forward to taking what I learn on with me to my next endeavor. My hope that after this internship is to utilize the valuable connections I make and continue to develop my skills and passions in a full-time museum career, be it in Boston, St. Louis, in between, or beyond!

Alysha Page

Buffalo Soldier Research Intern – Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park

Alysha M. Page from Indianapolis, Indiana is an alumnus of Ball State University (B.A. History, M.A. Medieval History) and Tufts University (M.A. Art History and Museum Studies). She is the incoming Research Historian for the ACE CRDIP Klondike Gold Rush Internship in Skagway, Alaska. She has a strong background in collections management and cultural interpretation. Her art historical studies focused on the memory and heritage of Blackness and American-ness as expressed through the 19th-century genre paintings of William Sidney Mount. More broadly her research focuses on various indexical meanings of the American flag and how various contemporary Black artists interpret it during the Civil Rights Movement and by comparison, the Black Lives Matter Movement. She seeks to investigate how Black artists have historically used the flag and other American icons as an act of resistance and expression of African American identity. Her engagement with social justice theory, race relations, and representation in popular culture have led her to pursue a Ph.D. at Howard University, where she majors in U.S. History with a minor in Public History. After the internship, she will continue with the Ph.D. and she hopes to continue to bring to light the nuances of the Black experience in America and educate this generation as well as the next on this subject through continued community outreach, museum, and archival work.

Megan Bailey

Historical Research Intern – Cultural Resources, Office of Interpretation and Education

Megan Bailey lives in Washington, D.C. and recently graduated from the University of Maryland with a PhD. in anthropology. She will be serving as a Research and Interpretation Intern for the National Park Service’s Cultural Resources Office of Interpretation and Education. Following this internship, she plans to pursue a career with a federal agency that deals with the management of historical and cultural resources, where she can make use of her background in archaeology, history, historic preservation, and public interpretation and education.

Marjorie Anne Portillo

Museum Technician – Rosie the Riveter National Historical Park/Eugene O’Neill National Historical Park

My name is Marjorie Anne Portillo and I’m originally from the Bay Area, CA, now currently residing in Oceanside, CA. I graduated from California State University-Chico with a degree in Social Science and am currently enrolled in Palomar College’s Library and Information Technology program. My goal is to eventually enroll in a Master of Library and Information Science program with a concentration on Digital Curation, Archiving, and Preservation.

For the next few months, I will be serving as a Museum Technician for various National Park Service sites in Contra Costa County, CA–mainly working out of the Rosie the Riveter NHP Headquarters and Eugene O’Neill NHP. Up until now, my education and internship experience have both been focused on concepts surrounding a traditional library setting. This CRDIP internship gives me the opportunity to apply everything I’ve learned thus far towards a museum environment and expand my ever-growing knowledge of collection development, preservation, and digitization.

I believe that going to museums are one of the best ways to learn–especially because of the visual and active way information is presented to our community. If you asked the high school version of myself if I would ever work in a historical museum, I would have laughed. But for the past few years, I have grown to really appreciate history and cultural preservation. Without these, our society would never have anything to look back on or learn from. After I complete my studies, I aim to work and contribute to museums so this internship opportunity is definitely a dream come true! I am incredibly grateful and look forward to meeting and learning from professionals in this field.

Andrew Santora

Historical Research Intern – American Battle Monuments Commission

My name is Andrew Santora, and I am originally from Dallas, Pennsylvania. I graduated from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA, in 2016 with a bachelors in history and government. I am currently serving as a Records and Research Analyst with the American Battle Monuments Commission in Arlington, Virginia. After this position, I plan to return to school to pursue a masters and then a doctorate in military history. Ultimately, I plan to become a professor.

Jessica Cawley

Historical Research Intern – American Battle Monuments Commission

My name is Jessica and I grew up in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. I studied English at Penn State then moved to Wales to complete my Masters degree. Last summer, I moved to northern Virginia and started an internship with the American Battle Monuments Commission in Arlington. I am currently serving as a Records and Research Analyst at ABMC. Before I joined ABMC and ACE, I studied medieval history and literature. After this program, I intend to go back to school for my PhD so I can become a professor.

Mariah Walzer

Archaeological Research and Cultural Management Intern – Monocacy National Battlefield

Mariah graduated from Hamilton College with her Bachelor’s in archaeology and creative writing in 2017. She attended a Master’s program at the University of Chicago in the fall but decided to leave to pursue work experience and find her passion. She currently lives in Hesperia, Michigan. Mariah will be joining the NPS at Monocacy National Battlefield in Frederick, Maryland as an Archaeological Research and Cultural Resource Management Intern. She hopes to explore ways to turn her passion for making history interesting and accessible to everyone into a career. She plans to return to grad school within the next few years, once she has decided which path to pursue.

Alexa Rose

Preservation and Documentation Intern – San Francisco National Historical Park

I am Alexa Rose a recent graduate of Arizona State University where i majored in Anthropology and Classical Civilizations and I am pursuing a masters degree at Brandeis University in Classical Archaeology. I’m originally from Sioux City, Iowa but my family has moved all over and now we call San Francisco home! I am serving the San Francisco Maritime Museum on the beautiful Fisherman’s Wharf, a classic must see in SF, as a conservation intern restoring multiple historic boats. I am trained as an archaeologist where i have worked at a lot of sites, but my favorite is Pompeii. I have also interned in conservation and curation in many museum abroad and across the country. I am hoping to understand more about painted and metal artifacts to complete my conservation training. I eventually would like to study ancient maritime culture so this is a perfect way to start!

Alicia Gonzales

Research Assistant Intern – Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Hi, I am Alicia C. Gonzales. I will be interning for Cuyahoga Valley National Park. I graduated from UC Davis with a Bachelor of Arts in Evolutionary Anthropology and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish. I am currently a graduate student at Oregon State University in the Applied Anthropology department. My research interests bridges the intersection of bioarchaeology and critical ethnic studies. My current projects use osteological investigation, while employing methods of decolonization to counter the dominance of colonial ideologies and empowering historically marginalized communities. I am personally involved in social justice and activism, enjoy spending time with my familia and close friends and love playing any number of sports and cooking. Immediately after this internship I will be completing my thesis research and writing process in hopes to defend at the end of the Fall or Winter Quarter. I hope this experience gives me opportunities to network and build stronger ties to the federal land management agencies that will hopefully lead to a job as soon as I complete my degree.

Tucker Ahlers

Public History Interpreter – Minuteman National Historical Park

Tucker grew up in Massachusetts and is an undergraduate studying History, Education, Economics, and International and Global Studies at Brandeis University. On campus, he serves as a coordinator for the university’s volunteer organization, Waltham Group, where he works with several programs that provide tutoring and mentoring for middle school students as well as young children with intellectual disabilities. His extensive travel to US National Parks inspired him to volunteer at Minute Man National Historical Park in Lexington and Concord, MA during high school. Tucker has served in various roles at Minute Man during the last 3 summers and is now working as an intern for the National Park Service in conjunction with American Conservation Experience. Tucker hopes to teach history and work as a seasonal NPS ranger. He plans to do graduate work in history.

Caroline Grip

Public History Interpreter – Minuteman National Historical Park

Hi everyone, my name is Caroline and I am from Acton, MA and I will be interning this summer at Minute Man National Park in Concord MA. It will be my second summer there and I am so excited to go back-easily one of my favorite places to work, hang out or walk my dog. I am a rising senior at St. Lawrence University in Canton, NY where I am a history major focusing in Colonial America, and an education minor. I’m looking forward to furthering my own knowledge of the time period and what better place to do that than the start of the American Revolution!

Jessica Analoro

Education and Public History Intern – Salem Maritime National Historic Park

My name is Jessica Analoro, I am from Brockton Massachusetts. I will be interning at the Salem Maritime National Historic Park in Salem, Massachusetts as an education/interpretation intern. I graduated Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island with a Bachelor’s in American History and am currently getting my Masters in Teaching in History at Salem State University. Following this internship I plan on finishing my master’s and hopefully going on towards either teaching or museum education. The NPS is an excellent way to explore both of these options, and I am thrilled to see what this summer has in store for me.

Cody O’Dale

Regional Tribal Database–GIS Researcher – Northeast Regional Office, Tribal and Cultural Affair

My name is Cody O’Dale and I’m originally from Aneth, UT, which is located within the Navajo Nation. I will be serving with the National Park Service as a Regional Tribal Database–GIS Researcher by telecommuting from Fort Hall, ID. The idea of tribal cultural resource management using GIS is what first interested me about CRDIP and as I researched the program I became more excited about the possibilities of career exploration and experience.
I received my Master of Science in Geographic Information Science from Idaho State University. While at ISU I participated in the NASA DEVELOP and NASA Recover programs, while flying sUAS’s for Empire Unmanned. This led to a position with the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes as a GIS Analyst. I hope to use my internship experience to gain knowledge about cultural preservation and archiving in a digital age to assist tribal and federal cooperation. That being said I hope to get into a position that allows me to work with tribes after the internship.

Tyler La Mantia

Cultural Resource Management Intern – Pipestone National Monument

Hi I am Tyler current graduate student at West Chester University of Pennsylvania studying Geography focusing on Geographic Information Systems MS. I graduated in 2015 with a degree in Anthropology with a focus in Archaeology BA. I come from Kennett Square PA, near Philadelphia. Since graduating in 2015 I have traveled a ton doing CRM work and completing a few internships in the National Park Service. These two internships is where I fell in love with Parks work and I am very excited for this opportunity. I am with ACE and CRDIP completing a Cultural Resource Management Internship with Pipestone National Monument in Pipestone Minnesota. After this internship I hope to gain invaluable experiences and a potential future position in the National Parks Service, which is rather ambitious. I also hope to finish with my MS in GIS and and combine that with my previous archaeology experiences.

Nicole Reske

Cultural Resource Management Intern – Pipestone National Monument

Hi, my name is Nicole Reske and I am a recent graduate of the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. I am from Germantown, WI (tiny suburbia near Milwaukee). I am excited to be an intern at Pipestone National Monument for Cultural Resource Management. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in archaeology and I am planning on using this year to acquire skills and knowledge to help me through graduate school. I plan on getting a Ph.D. and teaching as a professor in archaeology. I really enjoy learning as well as teaching and public outreach! I hope to further my career as a professional archaeologist and learn invaluable information about CRM and everything that encompasses this field of archaeology.

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