Worland, WYWorland, WY
Las Vegas, NVLas Vegas, NV

BLM National Minerals Testing Laboratory (NMTL)

Worland Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Minimum of a Masters of Science in Geology; the successful applicant must have successfully completed geology field camp, optical mineralogy and/or crystallography. Related coursework that is desirable: metamorphic and igneous petrology, geology of ore minerals, economic geology, geochemistry. Desirable education would include a person who has an understanding of the relationship between minerals that form associations as related to heat, temperature, and depth.

Position Description:  The BLM’s National Minerals Testing Laboratory (NMTL) needs a Resource Assistant to assist with various project completions. Currently the NMTL has a backlog of testing requests that require completion and analysis. The successful intern would be educated in the BLM’s Solids Minerals Program procedure for testing minerals that are on lands open to mineral entry and energy development. The intern will be introduced to the Bureau’s Mining Law Program, the National Mineral Examiners Team (NMET), and to the requirements (and rewards) of becoming a Certified Mineral Examiner.

The BLM National Minerals Testing Laboratory (NMTL) answers mining law questions for the public on an as needed basis, in addition to its internal and intra-agency work. It is likely the intern will meet a member of the public interested in rocks, or establishing a mining claim. The intern will learn the structure of a BLM Field Office and District Office. The intern will travel to the BLM’s Wyoming State Office to meet with the Deputy State Director for Minerals and Lands and to learn the structure of the State Office. It is anticipated that the intern will meet and interact with BLM Field Office Managers as well as resource staff members in the project areas. If performing field work, it is expected that the intern will encounter members of the public.

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Geologist/ Physical Scientist

Las Vegas Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Geology, Mine Engineering, or any physical/earth science related degrees.

Position Description: The BLM Las Vegas Field Office (LVFO) currently has 13 mineral material community pits in a pending status. These community pits were established at various times between 1992 and 2006 but the work to authorize them was never completed. The LVFO has been asked, by the Nevada State Office (NSO) and the Washington Office, to take the necessary steps to either authorize or close these pending community pits.

The intern will serve as a member of the Minerals Division in the BLM LVFO. This job will require the intern to coordinate with other Minerals Division staff and NSO, Title and Land Status Support personnel. The intern will be expected to work independently to review the Case files associated with each of the pending community pits; visit each of the community pits to conduct a site inspection; compose reports summarizing the findings of their casefile reviews and site visits; make recommendations on whether the community pit should be left in a pending status, authorized or closed; and then take the necessary steps to close any community pits identified for closure.

For the community pits identified for closure, the intern will prepare the appropriate documentation for updating the Master Title Plats associated with the lands the community pits are found on, compose closure memorandum for the Assistant Field Manager’s (AFM) signature, ensure all documentation is in the casefile in chronological order, and update the LR2000 action codes to reflect the changes made.

A list of the 13 community pits has been prepared and the casefiles have been gathered. The Supervisory Geologist and Minerals Division staff will provide support, guidance and mentoring.

The intern will complete assigned duties designed to expose them to the principles of administrative geology, records maintenance, fieldwork, writing, editing, and performing the research necessary to make informed recommendations on administrative actions to interdisciplinary staff and managers.

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