Geospatial Information System Specialists/Cartographic Technician

Cheyenne, WYCheyenne, WY
Washington, D.C.Washington, D.C.
Flowood, MSFlowood, MS
Casper, WYCasper, WY
Carlsbad, NMCarlsbad, NM

Cartographic Technician/Cadastral Surveying Technician

High Desert District Cadastral Project Office (HDD)

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: GIS, Geography, Cartography, Geology, Surveying

Position Description: The candidate will learn to function as a 0817 series surveying technician by immersion in ongoing BLM Cadastral survey projects in the field. They are expected to eventually become a trusted team member, capable of making independent technical decisions in a subordinate role and eventually survey autonomously under review and supervision of the land surveyor on a pilot project for one or more weeks. Essentially the individual will be required to become proficient in the role detailed in the narrative during the 112 day training period.

Regardless of field of study or specialty, The Resource Assistant Intern Candidate (trainee) will function as principal assistant to the land surveyor and will perform all of the duties required of a 0817 series surveying technician on a daily basis. The individual is expected to become proficient in all aspects during the 112 day training period. Instruction will consist of daily progressive training with the project land surveyor in the field.

Survey – will operate GPS equipment and survey in real time kinematic mode (RTK). On a daily basis, the candidate will set up the base receiver, measure (and check) the antenna height and do an independent initialization check on a corner point with known coordinates. They will then determine the geodetically correct position of corners, navigate to the corner point using resource grade GPS and then measure the point precisely with survey grade equipment. The candidate will then make necessary checks to preclude error per cadastral survey specifications.

Documentation – The candidate will write detailed, thorough descriptions of survey corners, topography and culture in a field tablet within a strict cadastral survey field note format and photograph monuments. Assist in monumentation of determined, local and original corners by both marking and setting monuments, and then correctly describing them in a regulation field tablet or the Cadastral Electronic Field Book on a portable device. The end goal will be for the candidate to apply these proficiencies by surveying autonomously on the HDD Cadastral Geographic Data Base Infill Project with minimal to no supervision beyond examining data and documentation. As a final product, the candidate will process data and prepare a submission for the GCDB Manager/Field Section Chief at the Wyoming State Office.

Office Duties – Research private and public survey record and abstract same by collecting, organizing and evaluating private survey corner records and U.S. General Land Office field notes, plats. Download and process field data using Trimble Business Center and the Cadastral Measurement Management System software. Check all field descriptions and verify that they are accurate and complete on both a daily and intermittent basis. Complete necessary federal administrative tasks as assigned, i.e. monthly vehicle reports, etc…

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Geospatial Information System Specialist

National Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related DegreesGeography, Information Technology, Data Management, Geospatial Management, Geographic Information Systems, Computer Science, etc.

Position Description: The intern will update IHS contracted datasets on ArcGIS OnLine (AGOL) upon receiving monthly deliveries. The intern will write scripts to build visual reports using contractor layers. The intern will build web mapping applications to support data collection using AGOL. The intern will provide support for geospatial technology and perform GIS duties such as developing data needed for mapping layers, improving capabilities for mapping these layers, and making the systems used to map these layers more efficient and effective..

It is expected that the intern gather and refine data for use in mapping layers, will map these layers using new data and existing data layers for a more effective and efficient process.

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Geographical Information System (GIS) Specialist

Southeastern States Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Geography, or related physical/social science such as geology, computer sciences, cartography, or natural resources with emphasis in Geographical Information Systems (GIS).

Position Description: The intern would primarily work on providing mapping and environmental planning support to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Southeastern States District Office in Flowood, MS. BLM Southeastern States District Office conducts a variety of project actions requiring compliance with the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), such as mineral leasing and development actions, realty actions, and vegetation management. BLM Southeastern States District Office manages a wide variety of valuable resources across 11 southeastern states.

Specifically, the intern’s project will include using mapping software (ArcGIS/CarteView) to map parcels and federal minerals by legal description from deeds and plats (metes and bounds description) and oil and gas well data, run application programming interfaces (API) for common tasks, and provide finished map products to specialists in support of oil and gas leasing and permitting actions. Elements include coordination with District Office GIS Specialist (contractor), utilizing oil and gas well data and mapping software to create map projects, and providing GPS packages to specialists in support of mineral and natural resources projects. Additionally, the intern would support efforts to update some of the BLM Southeastern States ePlanning project sites on the National NEPA Register, which serves as the public portal to provide information related to BLM’s environmental planning projects under the NEPA. For example, the public uses ePlanning to learn more about BLM projects and provide comments during the designated comment periods.

The project work would include updates to existing project pages and creation of new project pages, in coordination with State and District Office staff.

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Geographic Information System/Cartographic Technician

Casper Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: 4-Year course study leading to a Bachelor’s Degree in Cartography, Geography, Computer Science, Remote Sensing, or Natural Resources.

Position Description:  The purpose of this project is to improve our corporate data for ROWs within the Casper Field Office. The Casper Field Office is in need of Geographic Information System Specialist Intern to complete important work on Right of Ways (ROWs) that include necessary transportation or other systems and facilities which are in the public interest and which require ROWs. The project is to develop and implement a process to collect and input ROWs. These essential ROWs are uploaded to a ROW database to have an accurate account of linear and non-linear features. Intern would perform GPS data collection of existing oil & gas roads, well pads, well locations and general facilities that include inventory and on the ground acreage disturbance for ongoing project thresholds. It is vital to have the interpersonal skills to work well with others, develop high quality work product, and adapt to changing work priorities.

Develop a list of Right of Ways (ROWs) to be uploaded into the database

  • Go through ROW grants and locate appropriate Master Title Plat and or documentation to verify location of ROW
  • Develop an efficient workflow for uploading ROW into the database
  • Trace all new the ROW grants in ArcMap in the ROWs geodatabase
  • Perform GPS data collection of unmapped roads, well pads and general facilities using a mobile tablets with the following application of Avenza
  • Upload GPS collected data to the disturbance tracking database
  • Develop an efficient workflow and documentation for collection oil & gas roads, well pads, well locations and general facilities that includes inventory and on the ground acreage disturbance for ongoing project thresholds.
  • Provide GIS training to Realty Specialists to update the linear and non-linear features to the ROWs database

Initial training and oversight, followed by regular coordination check-ins that would decrease in frequency as the intern gain experience. Monthly progress reports and possible presentations would also help facilitate the progress. Provide briefings to the High Plains District GIS Coordinator on the progress that has been made on the ROWs and GPS collection workflows.

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Geographic Information System

Carlsbad Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: BS in Geography, Computer Information Technology, GIS.

Position Description: Intern candidate to help with the daily workload within the Carlsbad Field Office as a Geographic Information Specialist (GIS) along with a Computer Information Technology (IT). The Carlsbad Field Office is currently one of the busiest BLM offices in the Nation for approving oil and gas permits and realty applications. Because of this heavy workload we need an intern that will help with data entry along with normal daily IT issues. We are looking for an individual who has a good understanding of geographic sciences and computer systems to help support Computer Information Technology. Geographical sciences include aerial photography interpretation satellite image processing, remote sensing techniques, three dimensional geographic analysis, computer based cartography, and a wide range of data collection procedures. The intern must have a thorough and effective mix of technical skills in the geographic and computer science disciplines as well as a working appreciation of the agency mission and operational procedures sufficient to support various local office programs.

The intern would work alongside a seasoned employee to teach them the roles and functions of a GIS Specialist. This would provide the intern the access to one of the business offices in the country and a wealth of knowledge in many different geographic science practices. The intern would be taught the beginning processes of the local GIS systems. They would work with local GIS Specialists to learn the functions of majority of their job duties and responsibilities. They would also learn about working within an interdisciplinary team environment, consisting of Natural Resource Specialists, Biologists, Archaeologists, Range Management Specialists, Hydrologists, Cave and Karst Specialists, Realty Specialists, Geologist, Petroleum Engineers, and NEPA Planners. This interdisciplinary team interaction would help to teach the intern about important team building skills and interactions within an office setting. The intern would also have the opportunity through the interdisciplinary team to learn about the many resources and multi-use mission that the BLM is faced with.

The intern would provide input in the development of technical resolutions to Geographic Sciences problems for the purpose of determining statewide and office Bureau policy.

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