Hydrologist/ Geologist


Central Coast Field Office

Location: Marina, CA

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: BS/BA Geology, Hydrology or other Earth Science

Position Description:  Water resource baseline inventory for the BLM Central Coast Field Office (CCFO), California. Project would focus on expanding the body of knowledge related to surface water resources in the CCFO, a resource that is subject to extreme pressures due to patterns of water consumption and that serves as a critical resource for both humans and fish and wildlife. The intern would be responsible for the collection of data related to natural springs and other surface waters, specifically data related to the location, quantity and quality of surface water at these locations. The intern would also utilize remote imagery to identify additional surface water locations within the CCFO. Following the collection of data – the selected individual would develop a report describing the status of the BLM’s water resources inventory for the CCFO and identify opportunities for improvement of this data. Information collected during the internship will provide critical information to support the BLM’s system of water rights and provide key baseline information to evaluate changes in climate and withdrawal of water resources by downstream users.

Build upon and improve the body of knowledge related to surface water within the CCFO. This effort will provide critical information to support the BLM’s documentation of existing water rights, as well as baseline information to evaluate changes in water resources over time. The final product of the internship would be a presentation to the BLM on the findings of the field work.

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