Land Surveyor/Survey Technician

Montrose, COMontrose, CO
Washington, DCWashington, DC

Cadastral Survey

Uncompahgre Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Land Surveying, Geomatics, or Geographic Information Systems

Position Description: Boundary surveys are necessary for the management of the Dominquez-Escalante (DE) NCA and Dominquez Canyon Wilderness. Fundamental to the management of these lands is to know with certainty the location of the boundary. A Direct Hire Authority (DHA) would allow five miles of these boundaries to be marked and posted. In addition, a boundary description of the NCA and Wilderness Area could be completed.

The project goal is to complete five miles of boundary surveys and the legal description of the NCA and wilderness area. At the end of 11 weeks, the Cadastral Survey Intern(s) will be able to demonstrate proficiency in

  • Writing legal descriptions and corner descriptions
  • Conducting boundary surveys
  • The use of AutoCad and ArcMap

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National Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Surveying/Geomatics (Forestry, Engineering or GIS degrees with surveying emphasis)

Position Description: National agreements and State Office partnerships have identified skills shortages which need to be addressed in order to meet requirements of performance as set forth in statute, case law and the Departmental Manual. The intended outcome is to use a specific project to give the candidate a broad programmatic view by working through the various phases of its life cycle; from initial concept/request to final product.

The intern(s) will become familiar with the steps of conducting cadastral/lands research and be able to apply knowledge learned from BLM and other federal and state information towards the completion of a cadastral survey. After completion of this field-intensive internship, the student will be familiar with required field and office practices for completion of cadastral surveys, with the hope of finding a candidate for permanent placement to augment our field staff.

The learning material can be covered in either a field surveyor position or an office surveyor position. We have vacancies in both areas. Depending on the goals of the applicant and their current experience this project description could be used for either position.

Field surveyor spend most of their work day in the field performing land survey work and making field survey decisions. Office surveyors spend most of their time in an office environment studying records and making Reports.

The main deliverable of the internship will be a completed cadastral survey where the intern provides significant input and is in charge of certain aspects of the field work and reporting of results (plats and field notes). Boundary surveys are typically conducted by a team, and ultimate responsibility for acceptance of a survey is upon senior staff and the DSD. As can be seen in the weekly breakdown of activities, understanding of the processes and the execution of a field survey is a cumulative process based on learning skills in a particular order. An additional benefit of the internship would be a perspective permanent hire who is capable of doing all phases of the cadastral workflow.

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