Legal Assistant


Wyoming State Office

Location: Cheyenne, WY

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: History, English, Environmental Science, other

Position Description:  Wyoming is currently the only State in which the coal bonds are still located in the lease and LMU files and publicly accessible and vulnerable to removal from premises. Coal bonds contain sensitive information, are the tangible proof that mine production is financially protected in the event of nonpayment of rents and royalties or other events affecting revenues due the federal government, and should not be filed in publicly available files.

The intern opportunity is to begin and complete a comprehensive working bond file collection for current coal leases and LMU bonds, Intern will retrieve all accepted and terminated bonds currently located in coal lease and Logical Mining Unit (LMU) files, and file them in newly created confidential bond folders, maintaining the requirements for order and frequent accessibility. This is a working documents collection project.

The Bond & Surety Database is not a public database. The information contained within it is proprietary. Therefore, the bond files should be treated in the same manner. There are over 150 lease and LMU files some having 40 years of working documents upon which adjudicative decisions are based.

The intern may have the opportunity to assist coal program with other day-to-day duties associated with excellent working coal record keeping and archive collections practices if project is proceeding beyond expectations.

The intern will have the opportunity to meet and engage with BLM WSO managers and personnel, for example with 950 Support Services Information Access Personnel, occasionally with members of the public from legal and industry practices, and with BLM Lands and Minerals specialists. Intern primary workspace will be directly adjacent to Regional Coal Coordinator/Mining Engineer, the State Office Geologist, the Economist, and the Solid Minerals Adjudicators, creating daily opportunities to learn more about BLM processes and the values associated with public lands management.

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