Range Management Specialist


Carlsbad, NMCarlsbad, NM
Safford, AZSafford, AZ

Carlsbad Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees:  Wildlife Biology, Range Science, Natural Science (Geosciences, Biological Sciences), Agricultural Degree, GIS, Natural Resources.

Position Description:  This project is to find a good intern candidate to help with the daily workload within the Carlsbad Field Office as a Range Management Specialist (RMS). The Carlsbad Field Office is currently one of the busiest BLM offices in the Nation for approving oil and gas permits and realty applications, as well as a strong grazing management program. Nearly all the ranches are family ranches and we have a good working relationship with the ranchers. We are looking for an individual who has a good understanding of biological, range management and natural resources that would be good in working in a team environment. The intern would work alongside a seasoned employee to teach them the roles and functions of a RMS. This would provide the intern the access to one of the busiest offices in the country and a wealth of knowledge.

The intern would be taught the beginning processes of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) and how to properly write Environmental Assessments (EA’s), Decisions of NEPA Adequacy (DNA’s) and or Categorical exclusions (CX’s). They would also learn about working within an interdisciplinary team environment, consisting of other Range Management Specialists, Natural Resource Specialists, Biologists, Archaeologists, Hydrologists, Cave and Karst Specialists, and NEPA Planners. This interdisciplinary team would help to teach the intern about natural resources and the need for protecting resources for future generations.

The intern would participate in various field work to assist in the grazing management and watershed improvement on 260 grazing allotments within the Carlsbad Field Office area. The intern would also coordinate with members of the interdisciplinary team for clearances and other professional stipulations, and make logical and appropriate recommendations to the decision Maker.

The goal of this project is to assist staff wildlife biologists at the CFO with preparing, evaluating, and conducting biological analyses of flora and fauna. In addition, the internship may be used as an orientation to qualified candidates who are interested in a career in resources management.

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Safford Field Office

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Rangeland Sciences, Natural Resources Sciences

Position Description: The Safford Field Office (SFO) is comprised of 1.4 million acres, 257 grazing allotments and is home to approximately 23 threaten and endangered (T & E) species. Due to the nature of the field office the renewable resources division has a large workload. Currently the office has a Rangeland Management Specialist (RMS) vacancy. Utilizing the DHA internship program would provide the field office with assistance with meeting targets, while providing a meaningful and challenging internship to an individual.

The proposed project would fall under the natural resources management field and would be categorized as a rangeland management technician. The intern would have a wide variety of task assigned to them. These tasks would be challenging, developmental and mirror the workload of an entry level RMS. The intern would work alongside a SFO RMS’s, who would assist them with their workload as necessary. They would be independently working on planning documents inspecting grazing allotments, monitoring for weed infestations, assisting in planned FY18 monitoring workload and assisting with some of the administrative range duties such as filing and organization of range files. All of these tasks would meet the criteria for the following elements; Intense and rigorous projects, high degree of autonomy, defined deliverable, demanding schedule, experience with multiple stakeholders (internal and/or external).

Internally the intern would have everyday interactions with SFO staff. They would be coordinating with individuals as a member of the local interdisciplinary team. Externally the intern would be expected to have interactions with grazing permittees the general public as well as partners such as U of A cooperative extension, and Gila Watershed Partnership. While in this role the intern would be exposed to a large array of both internal and external interactions, much like a permanent BLM employee would be exposed to.

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