A few weeks ago, ACE caught up with a crew that was working in Holbrook, AZ, constructing a trail that will allow the public to access an area that includes cultural and historical features. Our photojournalist rejoined the crew as they neared the end of their second 8-day hitch, and the completion of the project.


The corps members created 4 staircases by drilling and shaping boulders found in the area. Rock work can be tedious and requires a lot of mental endurance. “The work tested our patience, but in a good way,” said corps member Cynthia Dimnik. “It’s a really awesome feeling to see the completed project,” added corps member Natalia Guzman.


The crew completed 1 mile of trail that will enable visitors to safely view the petroglyphs that adorn the boulders in the area, and to enjoy the geological beauty of the desert scenery.


Project Partner Randy Sullivan, who works for the City of Holbrook, explained that “these trails will definitely make the area safer for visitors. And years from now, these kids can look back on their work here and be proud of it.”


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