These past two weeks have been solely dedicated to interpretation and visitor services. During the weeks, our projects were to create a mini exhibit and present to park visitors. My fellow intern and I were to research content to develop two displays associated with the Process exhibit located in the Little Studio.  My supervisor Elizabeth assigned Abigail and I our topic. Both topics discussed a type of sculptural process.I was assigned to research Augustus Saint-Gaudens’ sculptural process for creating the images for both the ten and twenty dollar gold coin. Most of the information I needed was located in books down in the library within the visitor center and in the curatorial building. My research took a couple days and once I had what I needed I had to write up a label. The label explains to visitors the contents of the exhibit and the story behind the items.The editing process for the label takes time because I needed to make sure I had all the important information as well as a well written story. Once editing was complete I used publisher to work out how I wanted to information and photographs to fit on the label. It was very time consuming. Once that was complete I printed and laminated the label so it would not get ruined by environmental factors, like humidity Next, was the  collecting items for the display and the fabricating process.  I had a total of ten items for display and varying in size. The item were original plaster sketches made by Saint-Gaudens when experimenting with the image for the reverse side of the twenty dollar gold coin. Then I have both halves that are made when plaster is formed, a negative and a positive. I also have a metal proof of the coin, a modern day rubber mold, and a large maquette of the coin. Abigail and I got lucky when It was time for fabricating, We did not have to make much because we were able to use the display mantle form the previous year. All that was left to do was install out exhibits and prepare a twenty minute presentation (ten minutes each).  My title for my exhibit is, High Demand But No Relief. We have two presentation 1 presentation per week and we both share a table that has more items on display for visitors to touch and discuss with us about. Both presentations have been a great success. We both were able to show our ability to research and synthesize information while showing creativity and communicating our exhibits information accordingly.


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