Pao Arts Center

By: Medeline Le

Week three with CHSNE included a field trip to the Pao Arts Center. For a neighborhood that is shrinking due to rising rents and land grabs, community spaces like the Pao Arts Center are important.

The Pao Arts Center is part of One Greenway, a housing development on Parcel 24. It hosts an art gallery, theater, and classrooms, bringing exhibit space to Chinatown.
The space is part of the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center’s mission to reclaim space for art – and the dialogues that come with it. It is in partnership with Bunker Hill Community College, which makes a great pathway for Chinatown youth in the future.


Week four was busy, with a CHSNE board meeting to start the week off with a bang. With the board’s input, we finalized the list of topics of the short films that the teens will be developing this summer, as well as the list of people we should get in touch with about the films.

The week went by with a flurry of meetings and conference calls. On Thursday we hosted a CHSNE appreciation lunch for about 30 people, as a way to thank the people that have contributed their time and energy to CHSNE projects, particularly to the National Register work that had just finished.


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