Alumni Name:  Mary Rose Davis

Pronouns: she/her

Dates Served: May26,2020-September 19,2020

What role was Mary Rose in: Trail crew, restoration.  

Location: Umpqua National Forest, Oregon 

Q:  What were you doing before ACE?

A: I was a student at the University of Arizona, getting my undergraduate in Natural Resources with emphasis on wildlife conservation and management. I was finishing another great program called Doris Duke Conservation Scholars Program, they do similarity to ACE by helping young people get experience in the natural field for future careers. 

Q:  How did you hear about ACE?

A: I actually heard about ACE from some of the Doris Duke Alumni because they as well did ACE too. Plus, there was a table session in one of the environmental buildings on campus and an ACE ambassador was there and they completely made it easier for me to apply for this organization by getting me super interested in it.   

Q:  Walk me through your time at ACE – What was your favorite aspect of being an ACE Member?

A: Firstly, I interviewed with them and with that they were quite nice. The woman who interviewed me got back to me the next week about the position. This helped me see the quality of this organization and how they treated their prospective members. Then she told me the next step is to interview with the USFS I would be helping during my time as an ACE member. Then she came back with me on the results of that interview as fast as she can and told me how to prepare for the new job. Then I started to work with the forest service to represent ACE by having the swag of ACE t-shirts and good attitude during the hikes. My roommate was an ACE member as well and she told me about her experience and how much ACE is a great place to get started in the conservation career. My favorite aspect is being part of a sense of community with the same sense of conservation and outdoor recreation as me. 

Q:  What was it like living in your term Location? Any favorite activities? Hikes? What did you do on your off days?

A: Living in my term location was amazing because of all the beauty in the nature around me. The Umpqua National Forest was an awesome forest with many waterfalls that I was able to see during the trail hikes we did. Being able to go to this beautiful national forest and help the forest service in trail restoration is one of my favorite activities of being an ACE member. On my off days I would  go to town and pick up fresh food from the farmers market. Southern Oregon has the best produce and protein selections I have ever seen. Plus, l hungout in my living location and created good connections with the people there. 

Q:  Did you have a favorite task?  Why?

A: My favorite task during my term time was hand sawing trees that have fallen onto the trail. This was my favorite because I was able to see how my strength can cut into the trees, plus it helps a lot to restore the trails to their prime condition so those recreating can enjoy them as well and seek out the natural beauty around them.

Q:  In what ways did ACE shape your life personally and professionally?

A: ACE shaped my life personally by allowing the outdoors to be a huge staple in my life again, and to be able to travel to new majestic places which helps my adventurous side seep through again as well. Professionally, ACE has shaped it so well because I was able to continue my wilderness career in the Montana Conservation Corps. Plus, ACE shaped me professionally by being able to make some really great connections to help propel me forward in this field. 

Q:  How long have you been an ACE Alumni?  Where are you now? 

A: I have just become a recent ACE Alumni in the beginning of February 2021.  I am currently on my way up to Missoula, Montana from Tucson, Arizona,  for my new job starting in the beginning of March. 

Q:  What are some of your favorite extracurricular activities?

A: My favorite extracurricular activities are cooking delicious food, listening to all sorts of music on record player/phone/radio, watching all kinds of shows/movies on streaming devices but of course hiking in the nearby national forests. Another thing I like to do is to give back to the unfortunate as much as I can.  

Q:  What excites you most about becoming an ACE Alumni Ambassador?

A: The thing that excites me most about becoming an ACE Alumni Ambassador is to reach out to universities and to talk to students to try out this tremendous institution, and to help them be part of some adventurous summer jobs that are in their prospective career ways. Additionally, connecting to other Alumnis about their experiences and how they were able to start getting the word out. 

Q:  If a prospective ACE member were to ask you what the benefits of joining ACE are, what would you say?  

A: I think I will say to the prospective member that the best benefits of joining ACE are the ability to go work at the most outstanding beautiful places in nature while also creating hardworking skills for future jobs in the outdoors. Plus, being associated with others in this community, to help out in any way to keep your term time as positive as it can be.   

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