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Welcome #ACEAlumni

Welcome, ACE Alumni! Whether you are a recent or seasoned ACE grad, we know that the journey doesn’t end when your term does. The friendships you’ve made and skills you’ve gained are only one part of being a lifelong ACE family member. We invite you to use this page to connect with other ACE Alumni, share photos of your time with ACE, read our Corps to Career stories, and keep up to date with all things ACE! We thank you for your dedication, service and friendship and hope that we continue to stay connected as you continue on to your next adventure!

Alumni Ambassador Program

During the time commitment agreed upon, the goals of the ACE Alumni Ambassador are to utilize their direct ACE experience, provide an authentic interaction to the public, and serve as an extension to the efforts of the ACE Outreach and Marketing departments. Ambassadors offer their personal connection and testimonials to their training, networking, advice, encouragement, and positive attitude. This will be achieved through in-person, virtual, and digital means.  

For more information contact: 

Leanne Fisher

What is an ACE Alumni Ambassador?

The goals of the ACE Alumni Ambassador are to utilize their direct ACE experience, provide an authentic interaction to the public, and serve as an extension to the efforts of the ACE Outreach and Marketing departments. Ambassadors offer their personal connection and testimonials to their training, networking, advice, encouragement, and positive attitude. This will be achieved through in-person, virtual, and digital means.  

How do I become an ACE Alumni Ambassador?

We have a casual interview process to see if this is a good fit for both you and ACE.

What is the time commitment?

The time commitment can be flexible, but we hope that as an ACE ambassador, you would be willing to commit to 6,9 or 12 months.

What's involved?

Ways you can assist:

  • Join our Alumni Facebook Group
  • Share/re-post content from ACE’s social media channels to help spread the word
  • Host an ACE table at a school career fair, at a high foot traffic area (where allowed) at a local campus, or a community volunteer event. Note:  We can help identify events, coordinate the details, offer tips, and provide everything you need!
  • Host a short slide presentation at a college or club (wildlife club, archaeology club, environmental club, etc.)
  • Share ACE information with one of your connections such as a current or past professor, guidance counselor, school staff member, etc.
How do I get more information on this program?

Please email Leanne Fisher at

ACE Alumni Member
ACE Alumni Member
ACE Alumni Member
ACE Alumni Member
ACE Alumni Member
ACE Alumni Member

Alumni Voices

ACE is thrilled to share the stories and voices of our Alumni. Stories like Corps to Career, Meet our Ambassadors, and much more. Would you like to share your ACE story?


Libby Snethen

Libby Snethen, born in Washington and raised in Missouri, joined ACE Mountain West Crew division in May 2017.  Libby served a 6 month term with ACE and is now living in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Libby will be ACE’s very first Alumni Ambassador.  These volunteer positions will be spreading the word about all things ACE and engaging with prospective members. 

Maria Rago

ACE is proud to share a Corps To Career story with former ACE volunteer and staff, Maria Rago.  Maria started as a corpsmember and would soon move up in the organization due to her passion for conservation and leadership. After her career with ACE, Maria became a Wildland Firefighter for Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument and then Zion National Park. Maria serves as a role model to those in search of outdoor experience and a future in Wildland Firefighting. 

Fiana Shapiro

I’ve been continuing to work in wildlife field work, environmental interpretation, and environmental education since serving in ACE. This is my 2nd season as an official park ranger in the flat hat at Acadia National Park, doing programs with kids and families and working in our main visitor center. ACE wasn’t my first environmental position, but it allowed me to continue on through the winter in the field.

ACE helped inspire me to do international volunteer work myself, and I spent 2 months doing wildlife research and rainforest restoration in Borneo along with my sister, a fellow ACE alum.

Alexis Roque

Since my time at ACE, I have become a Middle School Science teacher. This is my second year teaching and I currently teach 7th grade general science I. try my best to incorporate experiences, pictures, references, and materials that I learned while at the internship at ACE to enhance the education of my students. Many students are now excited about their once least favorite subject after discussing some of my infield experiences. It has inspired many students to pursue careers in science and attend schools with magnet programs geared toward conservation of our ecosystems. I value my time at ACE and how It has enhanced my ability to teach both inside and outside of the classroom.

Melanie Anderson

I spent the majority of my time with ACE on a skilled backcountry crew in the Eastern Sierras, where I learned the valuable skills of dry stone masonry, organization collaboration, and clear communication during arduous tasks. These skills were made apparent during the interview process for the Washington Conservation Corps (WCC), which led to my acceptance as an Individual Placement Member — one of 30 in the state — for a non-profit organization dedicated to engaging the community in habitat restoration and watershed stewardship for the ultimate goal of improving salmon populations. I have since gained greater responsibility within my organization, as I’ve honed in on my abilities to lead large volunteer groups, collaborate with private landowners, and monitor wildlife populations. The foundation left by my ACE experience has allowed me to further advance myself within the field of conservation.

Nico Ramirez

My name is Nico Ramirez and I served in the ACE EPIC program for three terms. I served as an Interpretation intern at Lava Beds National Monument from June 2013 to January 2014 and a Recreation and Interpretation Intern at Red Cliffs Conservation Area from March 2014 to May 2014. I currently work at Lava Beds National Monument as and GS-5 Interpretation Ranger, where I do education programs, lead cave tours and nature hikes, plan park events, and update park social media and photography. The experience with ACE was fantastic and it allowed me maintain a relationship the NPS and BLM and eventually get a job with a federal agency. I get to spend many of my days with people and work to connect them with their public lands. I plan to continue to work for the National Park Service while I look for and attend graduate school. ACE has been truly a blessing.

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