dsc_3718On Friday February 17th, 2017 a group of ACE Arizona corps members participated in a volunteer service project with Flagstaff Family Farms.
dsc_3759-1 The group was helping with seeding new plants, sifting soil for mulch, andmarking swale lines. The swale was marked on contour for water retention. In the future the marked lines for the swale will be built up with organic matter. As water moves downhill the swale slows the water down and then sinks the water. Trees and other vegetation will then be able to draw from this water and nutrient source.dsc_3655The owners, Tyler Allenbaugh and his wife  bought the farm just over a year ago and started working with ACE in May of 2016. The farm attributes much of its success to the help of ACE volunteers. Every few weeks ACE sends corps members to help with farm related projects, the volunteers have aided in every part of the growing process.dsc_3676-1

Mr. Allenbaugh stated that last year their goal was to be able to feed five families a week and the farm ended up producing enough to support twenty families a week through restaurants, farmers markets and CSA food shares. dsc_3589a

The farm aims to enhance Flagstaff’s local food economy by providing locally grown produce to farmers markets and restaurants.

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