National Park Service Mellon Humanities Fellowship

Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship Program places recent humanities PhDs with National Park Service sites and programs across the agency. Its aim is to advance the National Park Service education mission through new research and study in the humanities. Mellon Fellows work with National Park Service mentors, scholars, and community partners to complete original research projects, and develop new interpretive and educational programming. The Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship Program is a signature element of the National Park Service’s commemoration of the 250th Anniversary of the Declaration of Independence.

ACE collaboratively hires and manages thirty-one fellows nationwide as part of the Mellon Foundation’s generous grant to the National Park Foundation (NPF) to support humanities scholars in this vital project. Fellows are hired as part of a cohort. 15 fellows will serve from 2023-2025 and 16 fellows will serve from 2024-2026. 

As an organization committed to fostering cross-cultural understanding on public lands, ACE is pleased to support cultural heritage and environmental service opportunities, including the interpretive, educational, and professional development objectives of the NPS Mellon Humanities Postdoctoral Fellowship.

Who May Apply

Applications for the program are currently closed.

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