For the past few weeks, we have had a group of 6 Swedish students visiting and documenting the work of the crews in both our Flagstaff and Utah branches. The students are gathering content for a presentation on social entrepreneurship as part of the requirements for their environmental science major. They have been interviewing corps and staff members to learn more about ACE.


Interviewing ACE Crew LEader

Interviewing ACE Crew Leader

The leader of the group was Marie Olssen, who served a 3-month term with ACE 9 years ago as an international volunteer. “It was the time of my life. I grew so much as a person, and became a lot more optimistic, independent and adventurous. My passion for the environment began with ACE, so I think I can credit my experience working for the organization for at least part of the inspiration for the continuation of my education in this field,” said Olssen.


Interviewing NPS staff member

Interviewing NPS staff member

The students fly back to Sweden on Friday August 28th, and we will miss them!

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