Emerging Professional In Conservation (EPIC)

Conservation is a Human Endeavor

ACE EPIC Internships and Fellowships program provide recent graduates with focused, hands-on opportunities to work alongside and under the guidance of agency mentors and to apply their knowledge of resource management on actual projects and programs as they develop and emerge as the next generation of resource and land managers. ACE EPIC operates in coalition with partners such as the National Park Service, the Bureau of Land Management, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, the U.S. Forest Service, and other conservation focused groups to place interns within the operating structure of these organizations. Within the agencies and organizations, interns gain practical experience, implement the principles of managing public lands, and continue learning under the guidance of experienced agency mentors as they develop into the next generation of natural resource managers.

Internships and fellowships not only provide a framework to build a skilled workforce for the 21st century but also allow youth to explore, connect, and preserve America’s natural and cultural resources as they gain professional skills and cultivate their careers in the resource management field.


Internship and fellowship positions available through ACE EPIC and its partners are spread across a wide range of specialized conservation oriented vocations, and all of these internships represent an invaluable step for those trying to find a link between the academic and professional worlds —while also making a positive and significant impact on the management of our natural and cultural resources.  ACE EPIC provides the opportunity for interns to learn directly from resource management professionals and gain invaluable skills and knowledge as they continue to develop into the next generation of resource managers.

ACE EPIC Internship and Fellowship opportunities typically last 2-12 months, providing extended opportunities for recent graduates to implement the principles and practices of land management and to apply themselves to experiential work within their fields of study. ACE EPIC interns earn a cost of living stipend and are provided with either dormitory housing at their service location or a housing allowance. Internship and Fellowship opportunities with ACE span the spectrum of land management disciplines, including botany, ecology, wildlife and marine biology, archaeology, paleontology, volunteer coordination, outreach and education, wilderness monitoring, recreation resource management, interpretation, ecological restoration, GIS, etc. ACE is a proud partner and supporter of AmeriCorps. Many ACE EPIC Internship and Fellowship positions have an education award opportunity through the AmeriCorps program.