Biological Science Technician (AREMP)


Duty Station Pacific Northwest Research Station

Corvallis Forestry Sciences Laboratory

Location: Corvallis, OR

Start Date: June 3, 2018

End Date: August 18, 2018

Related Degrees: Natural Resources Degrees (Fisheries, Hydrology, Biology, Environmental Science, Geology, etc.)

Position Description: The Aquatic and Riparian Effectiveness Monitoring Program (AREMP) is a service first agency charged with monitoring the effectiveness of the BLM’s Western Oregon Resource Management Plan (RMP) as it pertains to maintaining or improving the condition of watersheds across the plan area. AREMP evaluates watershed condition based on stream surveys and the subsequent data collected by crews funded by the BLM.

To safely and efficiently collect stream habitat data in remote settings while camping, hiking or backpacking. The data collection includes; channel morphology, habitat typing, substrate measurements, large wood surveys, benthic macroinvertebrate collection, eDNA collection and identifying invasive species.

The intern will work closely with BLM and Forest Service employees to evaluate water conditions. These include a variety of Specialists such Hydrologists, Fisheries Biologists, GIS Analysts, and Soils. The data collected is shared with other agencies, with opportunities to participate in workshops where state and federal agencies determine sampling sites, establish common protocols, and share data for habitat status and trend monitoring. The intern will also collaborate externally with the partner Oregon Sea Grant on invasive species identification and reporting.

Due to the large spatial area AREMP covers, driving to the sites where the stream surveys occurs can take up to 8 hours from the duty station in Corvallis, Oregon. Therefore, it’s more practical for the crews to camp near their assigned survey sites to complete the six to ten surveys associated with each watershed. Instead of having the crew come home after five days (M-F), the crew stays an extra three days to finish the sites, all the while working roughly ten hour days. The resulting schedule is eight days in a row (ten hour days) followed by six days off in a row.

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