Project Schedules


Flexibility and adaptability are the hallmarks of participation in ACE. Conservation Corps members and Conservation Volunteer participants most often rotate to projects lasting 1-4 weeks with housing provided in Flagstaff, Santa Cruz, Hurricane, or Asheville on off days.

The most common project schedules for Conservation Corps and Conservation Volunteers include a rotation of the following:

Local Projects

Local projects take place within a one or two hour drive of our main branches in Flagstaff, Santa Cruz, St. George, or Asheville. When ACE is not required to transport crews a long distance we tend to work 4 consecutive 10 hour days followed by three consecutive days off. Dormitory housing is always provided on off days between local projects as members are free to travel, explore the region, or relax in ACE housing.

In-State Projects

When ACE Conservation Corps and Conservation Volunteer crews are assigned to projects in the same state and within an 8 hour drive of our main branches, crews provide 8 or 9 consecutive days of service, followed by 5 or 6 days off in the dormitory housing provided by ACE.

Out of State Projects

ACE is nationally recognized as a resource helping agencies meet their land management goals. As ACE’s sphere of influence grows, Conservation Corps and Conservation Volunteer crews are increasingly requested to assist with projects taking place throughout the United States. When project opportunities arise on the east coast, in Texas, Wyoming, or in any of the other 12 states where ACE has assigned crews in the past two years, members are assigned to spend 4 or even up to 6 consecutive weeks on location with days off spent in campgrounds at or close to the project site. Out of state crews are most often sent from our Flagstaff headquarters, although members and volunteers in any of our locations should be prepared for the challenge and adventure of such long term project assignments.

Long Term Backcountry Projects (Santa Cruz branch only)

ACE is often requested to provide crews that live and work throughout the entire summer field season on project locations in the high Sierra Mountains. AmeriCorps members and other Conservation Corps members serving in CA during the summer are often assigned to spend up to 4 consecutive months living and working in remote locations. This unique backcountry summer experience has evolved to be a defining feature of ACE California. During the course of the summer such extended assignments are punctuated by one or two extended weekends back in our Santa Cruz housing so that members can reconnect with their peers from other ACE crews.