National Restoration Program Manager, Afton McKusick, reviews chainsaw maintenance and troubleshooting.

Starting the week of January 3rd, 2017 ACE staff is hitting the ground running after the holidays and prepping for the upcoming project season. This week at ACE’s national headquarters in Flagstaff, AZ, crew leaders are going through intensive training’s and refresher courses given by ACE trainers and staff.


Senior ACE Crew Leader, John Donovan has been training up and coming crew leaders for the last 10 plus years. His knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to the organization. Here, John and staff are reviewing and familiarizing themselves with the GPS units.

Crew leaders carry an immense amount of responsibility and are crucial to keeping ACE functioning and completing projects. Crew leaders are not only responsible for the quality and completion of projects but they also train, motivate and keep corp members safe during eight day projects and throughout their terms with ACE. They do this all while making the experience rewarding, educational and fun for corps members.


Field Operations Manager, Evan Thibodeau, reviews vehicle engine maintenance.

ACE’s trained crew leaders will be reviewing all of the skills required to lead crews safely and effectively in the field. They will be going over safety and physical skills including first aid refresher courses, vehicle maintenance and trails and chainsaw training.


Kip Valesano, Field Operation Manager from ACE Utah reviews the steps of assessing an injured person during the first aid refresher.

Crew leaders will also be given training in leadership styles, delegation and possible scenarios they might face in the field. Problem solving and leadership skills are paramount to the effectiveness of each and every crew leader.


Crew leaders practice using GIS (Geographic Information Systems) technology.

The week long intensive training’s and preparations at the start of the New Year are vital as ACE staff prepares to bring in the newest group of corps members, as well as welcoming back our returning corps members.

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