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On February 28, 2022

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Ben Breslau Holding Trash Bags
ACE EPIC FWS member Ben Breslau recently completed his term with John Heinz NWR and is now in a seasonal position with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service!
ACE Position: Environmental Education Specialist at John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge at Tinicum
USFWS Position: Seasonal Biological Science Technician at Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge
“As I gear up for my first official position with the US Fish and

Ben Breslau Show and Tell with Kids

 Wildlife Service, I look back with gratitude on my
 nearly two years of work with ACE at John Heinz. I’ve developed incredible skills and experiences, from creating and teaching nature-based lessons for students, to fostering community partnerships and running outreach events. I gained insight into how a National Wildlife Refuge operates, as well as a broader understanding of the NWR System as a whole, thanks to some helpful discussions with my colleagues. Heinz has shown me how much a dedicated team of conservationists can accomplish through collaboration and a strong vision. With this understanding, I recommend working at a National Wildlife Refuge for anyone who is interested in a conservation career with the federal government. I’m excited to move on to my
next project at Bombay Hook, where I’ll be shifting gears back to biology as I conduct bird and vegetation surveys.” – Ben Breslau

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