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Love UT Give UT | March 31 2016

On Thursday March 31, 2016, show your generosity by using the Love UT Give UT online giving platform to connect with your favorite nonprofit organizations. This 24 hour event, hosted by the Community Foundation of Utah with the generous support of its sponsors, will offer hundreds of nonprofits the opportunity to raise millions of dollars. Every time you give, you are a philanthropist impacting the people and places of Utah that you hold close to your heart!

ACE is participating in this local fundraising opportunity to engage the Salt Lake City-based young adult refugee community in upcoming Internship opportunities and provide a pathway for a career of conservation and environmental stewardship on public lands. Please consider helping us get this program started! Utah has committed to supporting the acceptance and placement of refugees in our communities. Helping them become successful, invested participants in the community at large benefits everyone!

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