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On August 9, 2017

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Week 5 was rather short because of the holiday, but we officially kicked off the CHSNE collaboration with the teen program. On the 7th, we hosted the teens for a walking tour of Chinatown.

Though it was rainy, we managed to see a couple of sites that are related to the topics of the videos they will be creating soon, such as the Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center (pictured right) and the Chinatown Heritage Mural (pictured below).


Chinatown Heritage Mural

Chinatown Heritage Mural

Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center

Greater Boston Chinese Golden Age Center

I began week 6 by continuing my adventures through the CHSNE archives to see if there was anything we could copy for the teens when they began their research later in the week.



On the 13th, we introduced the teens to the project and split them up into groups based on their interest in each topic. The teens then got to meet with some of the people most knowledgeable about their topics, some of whom will also be the people they interview on camera for their short films.

We finished off the week with some work on the community resource kit for The Chinese Exclusion Act documentary.

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