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American Conservation Experience (ACE) to Present Inaugural Partner Recognition Award to California State Parks

Sacramento, California – September 14, 2023 – American Conservation Experience (ACE), one of the nation’s leading conservation organizations, will honor California State Parks with its inaugural Partner Recognition Award for the agency’s dedication to preserving the natural beauty and ecological diversity of the state while providing quality outdoor recreational opportunities for its residents. The award will be presented during ACE’s 20th Anniversary Launch event on September 22, 2023, from 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm at Prelude Kitchen and Bar in Sacramento, California.

ACE, as one of the largest conservation corps in the United States, has established the Partner Recognition Award to spotlight the crucial roles that organizations play in safeguarding ecosystems, ensuring public land accessibility, and protecting natural and cultural resources. Collaborating with dozens of organizations and completing hundreds of projects nationwide and in several territories each year, ACE has been partnering with California State Parks for over seven years, providing dedicated young adult crews to undertake numerous vital conservation initiatives. 

Laura Herrin, President and CEO of American Conservation Experience, stated, “The world is constantly changing, and the need for ACE and the work we do continues to grow. Climate change has increased significant weather and fire events, and invasive plants pose a significant landscape-level threat. We are honored to share our first Partner Recognition Award with California State Parks to celebrate our shared commitment to protecting the state’s rich ecosystems and beautiful outdoor spaces.” 

California State Parks has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to environmental conservation and recreation for Californians, making it a natural choice for ACE’s inaugural recognition. The organization’s dedicated work aligns with ACE’s mission to inspire young adults and military veterans from diverse backgrounds to engage in restoration, recreation, and historic preservation projects across the United States. ACE provides these emerging leaders with valuable field skills, helping them explore future conservation careers.

Founded in 2004, ACE has hub locations across the country, including Sacramento and Ridgecrest, CA, with plans to open an office in Coachella Valley later this year.

The September 22nd event marks the start of a multi-month celebration of ACE’s 20th anniversary, culminating in August 2024. Attendees at the event will include representatives from California State Parks, other state and local agencies, ACE staff members, and board of directors. While the event is free to attend, it is by invitation only. Individuals interested in receiving an invitation may contact ACE Marketing and Communications Director Leanne Fisher at

For more information about American Conservation Experience (ACE) and its 20th Anniversary Launch event, please visit


About the American Conservation Experience (ACE)

Founded in 2004, the American Conservation Experience (ACE) is a non-profit organization that recruits and trains young adults and military veterans from all backgrounds to complete a range of restoration and historic preservation projects while building the next generation of land stewards. Participants gain professional skills and cultivate their conservation careers through ACE’s experienced staff and working alongside representatives from agencies such as the National Park Service, US Forest Service, and other conservation-focused groups. Currently ACE operates out of hubs in Flagstaff AZ, Sacramento and Ridgecrest, CA, and Hurricane UT and Asheville, NC along with a robust remote workforce located across the country. To learn more, visit







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