These are the creatures that could disappear from each U.S. state


When you think of endangered animals, species found far inside a tropical rain forest or deep below the ocean’s surface might to spring to mind. However, each state in the U.S. is also home to its own unique animal at risk of going extinct.

“Recovering species is a biological question, not an economic question […] The new rules completely undermine the strength of the ESA. The point of the act is to prevent extinction; this is going to do the opposite. It’s going to undermine efforts to recover species.”

Leah Gerber
Prof. of Conservation Science, Arizona State University

To tie in with National Wildlife Day on September 4th, NetCredit has launched an illustrated tribute to shed light, and a bit of love, on those less-famous endangered species highlighted by the US Fish and Wildlife Service:

Alabama Alabama beach mouse Louisiana Louisiana pine snake Ohio Copperbelly water snake
Alaska Blue whale Maine New England cottontail Oklahoma American burying beetle
Arizona Mount Graham red squirrel Maryland Maryland darter Oregon Loggerhead sea turtle
Arkansas Ivory billed woodpecker Massachusetts Humpback whale Pennsylvania Short-eared owl
California Point Arena mountain beaver Michigan Kirtland’s warbler Rhode Island Hawksbill sea turtle
Colorado Uncompahgre fritillary butterfly Minnesota Rusty patched bumble bee South Carolina Frosted flatwoods salamander
Connecticut Bog turtle Mississippi Mississippi sandhill crane South Dakota Black-footed ferret
Delaware Delmarva Peninsula fox squirrel Missouri Ozark hellbender Tennessee Nashville crayfish
Florida: Red wolf Montana Whooping crane Texas Northern Aplomado falcon
Georgia Etowah darter Nebraska Salt creek tiger beetle Utah Utah prairie dog
Hawaii Akikiki Nevada Mount Charleston blue butterfly Vermont Spotted turtle
Idaho Woodland caribou New Hampshire Blanding’s turtle Virginia Shenandoah salamander
Indiana Indiana bat New Jersey Sei whale Washington Columbia Basin pygmy rabbit
Illinois Illinois cave amphipod New Mexico New Mexico meadow jumping mouse West Virginia Virginia big-eared bat
Iowa Iowa pleistocene snail New York Eastern massasauga Wisconsin Piping plover
Kansas Neosho mucket North Carolina Carolina northern flying squirrel Wyoming Wyoming toad
Kentucky Kentucky arrow darter North Dakota Least tern


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