Meet EPIC intern Sam Dillon. Sam spent this past season working at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.


He just recently extended his time there to assist with a big Volunteer Day engaging the public to assist with the maintenance of “Lonely Dell” an Historical District of Glen Canyon National Recreation Area.

Sam’s internship duties are varied but he has been integral in assisting the Branch of Cultural Resources Chief and the Park Archaeologist at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area on various cultural resources management assignments, focused mainly on archaeology.


Sam also supports the Graffiti Removal and Intervention Team (GRIT). The primary task is to clear areas through conducting NHPA Section 106 on areas identified for graffiti removal around Lake Powell. Includes fieldwork, research, monitoring, and record keeping.


Supporting GLCA’s archaeologist in implementing the Off Road Vehicle Management Plan Programmatic Agreement is also part of Sam’s internship duties. This requires him to survey, work on archaeological reports,  research, and complete GIS work. He is also assisting in Section 106 compliance included field survey and inventory, collections management, tribal relations, and cultural resource stewardship planning.

Thanks to Sam for his hard work and sharing his EPIC Experience!


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