dsc_9488Come rain or shine….

ACE Arizona had a crew on a three day project in the Petrified Forest National Park. The crew was planning on working on the ground maintenance around the housing units in the park and were able to complete a weeding project for the park.


Inclement weather sometimes detours our plans. Outdoor projects are sometimes postponed due to the weather in the area where crews are working. For this project the access road the crews were to use was flooded and inaccessible.


When weather changes our project plans our crews make the best use of their time by building relationships with the National Park Service employees. The park rangers were kind enough to take the crew on an educational hike through the park. They went into detail about how the Petrified Forest came to be and showed the crew members some of the easily overlooked details.

Petrified wood is a fossil that forms when the wood is covered in sediment. When the wood is buried under the sediment the wood is protected from decay. Over time the plant material in the wood is replaced by silica, calcite and pyrite.


Thank you to our friends at NPS – Petrified Forest for hosting us and giving our corps members a wonderful service learning opportunity.


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