Cultural Resources Diversity Internship Program

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate in CRDIP Internships?
CRDIP positions are open to individuals 18-35 who are in pursuit of a higher education degree (B.A., B.S., M.Sc, PhD, etc.) or within two years of graduation. Please see the position description of the Internship for which you are applying for more details about preferred qualifications.
When do the internships take place?
Internships take place during the summer months (May-September) and are typically 10-11 weeks in duration.
Where are the positions located?
Positions are located all over the United States and associated territories. In 2016, there were 21 CRDIP positions in 11 states and one U.S. Territory.
Are all CRDIP positions eligible for
an AmeriCorps Education Award?
Most CRDIP positions may be eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award upon successful enrollment and completion of all qualifying hours. No CRDIP DHA positions are eligible for an AmeriCorps Education Award.
What are some benefits of participation?
Besides the opportunity of a lifetime to serve your community and live at a National Park Unit or partner site (most opportunities offer on-site housing!) benefits include:

  • Interactive professional development presentations and webinars
  • Invaluable connections with non-profit and federal employees
  • Living Stipend
  • Travel Relocation Bonus
  • AmeriCorps Education Award

How do I apply for a CRDIP or CRDIP DHA Internship?
Please look here for current openings. If there are no current postings, please submit a resume and a letter of interest here.

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