ACE Crew Assists With Hurricane Relief

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Hurricane Ian hit the shores of Florida back in September 2022, but residents continued to have a long road ahead of recovery. To help in this effort, an ACE Eastern Division Crew served on an A-DRT, AmeriCorps Disaster Response Team in coordination with FEMA in Fort Myers, FL to assist with cleanup, repairs and debris removal in the communities impacted by Hurricane Ian.

The crew volunteered for this special assignment which included 30 days with 60-hour work weeks. After completing initial training, the crew began providing much-needed services to two family homes that were ravaged by the storm.

In one of the homes, the crew replaced the dry wall and made other improvements as the home underwent significant repairs in hopes the family may return home.

At the other residence, the family was able to live in the home but needed to use a FEMA provided trailer as their bathroom including to shower. Their backyard was filled with debris, and the crew cleaned out the area to help the family return to some resemblance of normalcy.

The family is very grateful for the crew’s hard work and even provided lunch for them one day. The chance to enjoy their yard in the near future has given them hope.

The crew received a site visit by AmeriCorps CEO Michael Smith and AmeriCorps State & National Director Sonali Nijhawan. They spent some time with the ACE volunteers and staff and collected their feedback on the projects as well as their AmeriCorps experiences. Our crew enjoyed the opportunity to engage with AmeriCorps leadership.

The ACE corps members were joined by four other corps including the Montana Conservation Corps, Texas Conservation Corps, Utah Conservation Corps and Washington Conservation Corps. The opportunity to connect with other corps is an added benefit in addition to a rewarding volunteer experience. We’re proud of our ACE team for working hard to assist Florida residents as they rebuild and look ahead to the future.

Hurricane Relief Team Hi-Fiving

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