California is Pretty Extensive 

Written by: Mahnoor Rahman


Santa Monica Recreation Area



My first couple of weeks working in the Santa Monica Recreation Area was a bag of mixed emotions. There was the heat wave that swept through the area. There was the idea of moving to the other side of California with just my car. There was the excitement of practicing my craft. This new experience while hard for someone moving out for the first time was exhilarating. I started off the week being thrown straight into archaeological work, by being able to survey a popular park within the Santa Monica Mountains called Circle X. The original site may have been settlement area for the Chumash then later taken over by homesteader in the end being bought and renovated by the boy scouts. It has now ended up in the hands of National Park where it is being protected. The first day of survey was tough to say the least. It was hard getting used to the almost 100+ degree heat and gaiters put around your calves to protect yourself from rattle snakes. But after going through the motions of surveying and monitoring that first day I was hooked. A part felt like I was solving a riddle trying to piece together a life a story an activity really anything to understand what the earth was willing to tell. One of my biggest finds during this week was a spoon left behind by the boy scouts that could be at least 70 years old. While the days are not getting easier the work is getting more and more exciting each day.

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