What’s to Come

Written by: Victoria McKeller-Peoples


Over the past couple weeks I really got to enjoy talking and meeting people old and new. I had the opportunity to meet with interns from the National Park Service’s Santa Fe office and it was amazing. Not only did I get to learn about what they were doing and what they wanted to do, a lot of the people who worked in the office were from the Southeast. I call North Carolina home so to be able to talk about home and its quirks was great. It felt comforting to talk to people who call your home, their home as well. It also showed where I could possibly end up.



Victoria McKeller-Peoples and Crew in Front of Rocky Mountain Park Sign
NPS Academy meet-up at Rocky Mountain National Park



I also got to meet Deidra Goodwin, whom I virtually met while doing NPS Academy. She also lives in North Carolina so it was again comforting to hear about home, but also learn more about her career experiences and what she plans to do. Deidra and I took a trip up to Rocky Mountain National Park to meet other ACE interns/NPS Academy participants. It was so interesting to learn about how NPS works in actual parks compared to NPS in an office. It was a joy meeting Victoria, Claire, and Nigel, some of whom I have previously met during Academy. Hearing about their experiences made me want to see the other side of the NPS, that part that works in parks

Continuing to talk to people, I got to have a coffee chat with Alexandra Hernandez who also works with the Heritage Partnership Program. It feels as though the past two weeks, I soaked up so much information about how people got to where they are and their experiences inside of the NPS. It is so varied and diverse and excites me to continue.

Coming to a close on this internship in the next 2 weeks, I have used the knowledge and experiences of others to take in consideration of what is next to come for me.

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