Psuedo-Pen to Verified Paper

By: Timothy Maze

When all is said and done, the purpose of this project is to create the information that will be given to parks interpretative staff so they can communicate this history to park visitors. This means that an extensive part of this project will be the actual writing of this report, and the time for writing has come. Exciting site visitations have now taken the back seat to brainstorming, drafting, and throwing words at a virtual piece of paper. 

The historiography exists as the meat of this project, as it explains not the history of indigenous copper, but the history of how that history has been handled and distributed. Due to the quasi-political nature of this history, I need to remind myself that I need to stay neutral to the truth, and let the truth, as it exists as a cultural dynamic, to be the main point of this project. But that leads me to my next struggle; the audience. I need to not only identify, but keep heavily in mind, that my audience is not only made up of other archaeologists. This information needs to be able to be understood by parks interpretative staff, visitors, historians, and everyone in between. To help me achieve this, I have called and read some paragraphs to close friends and family who aren’t in the same field as I am, and asking them what they comprehend, and what they do not. This also allows me to include my community in the writing of this project, as their voice should be heard. After all, not only is this a part of indigenous history, but also the history of the modern United States. 

It has been interesting to research about the ways that hyperdiffusion has permeated itself in modern culture. Everyone wants to know a secret, and instead of finding the truth, it seems they create the secret themselves. This has been an interesting project so far, and I imagine it to continue being all the more interesting. 

The photo above depicts two structures from two different cultures that exist on opposite parts of the world. Due to the circular structure/face and the animals being symmetrical, the author of this post claims that the design comes from one singular culture, and has been diffused between others around the world. This same idea is being applied to the copper mining, as well as various other cultural traits and traditions from around the world. My task is arduous. But I am up for it. 

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