By Clara Chang

These past couple weeks I have been organizing the files on the Cape Hatteras Weather Bureau and aided my supervisor, Jami Lanier, with cataloging and labeling the boxes and files for storage in the archives.

I have also been aiding Jami with research requests and scanning/digitizing photos for researcher, Wayne Gray. Also regarding photos, I have been converting slides from both the Verde Watson photo collection and the Lost Colony photo collection, using a new slide converter. This way, these photos from past years of the Lost Colony play at Fort Raleigh and the 1950s-60s photos by past Park Naturalist, Verde Watson, can be digitized and shared more easily throughout NPS.


Figure 1: Scanning, Digitizing, Cataloguing and More!

Jami and I have also dedicated many hours to the 20th Anniversary of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Move event happening on Monday, July 1st. We spent a day this week setting up the artifacts and exhibits for display at the event, and attending meetings discussing many other logistics for the event.

Jami and I have also started a new photo project called “Then and Now” where we place an older photo against the modern-day background in an attempt to display the changes that have been made to the land and structures over time. We did editions for Bodie Island and Fort Raleigh these past couple weeks.


Figure 2: Many hours were dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse move


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