This spring, American Conservation Experience partnered with the local green landscape architecture and engineering company, Equinox Environmental, to work on a riparian/wetland planting restoration project in Western North Carolina. Wetland and Riparian habitats are among some of the most diverse in the ecosystem. Their plants provide multiple ecological and economic benefits including filtering sediment and run-off, controlling erosion, mitigating flooding, sequestering carbon and much, much more.

The ACE crew worked alongside project partners to plant wetland plant species in bare root form and live-stake forms as well. The planting site was along Fletcher Creek in Fletcher, NC. Crew members utilized tools such as dibble bars, shovels, trowels, and mallets for plant installation.

Totals include planting 16,000 bare roots and 5,450 live stakes over approximately 35 acres along Fletcher Creek and in the floodplain zone. It doesn’t get much more barebones conservation than planting and ACE is excited to have contributed these plants to their own backyard in Fletcher, NC!

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