During the last couple weeks, I have been working on several research requests that are sent to my supervisor, Jami, by people associated with National Parks or just interested in learning more information. I looked through various collections in the archives and relayed the information that I found. Some of the collections that I referenced include the Hatteras Weather Bureau Station, Wright Brothers National Memorial, NC-12 Renourishment Programs, and the Oregon Inlet Fishing Center.

These past couple weeks, I also aided my supervisor in installing an exhibit for the 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing event at Wright Brothers National Memorial. The exhibit included various First Flight Society Aviation Hall of Fame inductee portraits, a plaque describing the event of Neil Armstrong bringing pieces of the 1903 Wright flyer to the moon and back to Kitty Hawk, and molds that were used to make the gloves for astronauts. After the event, we then had to take the exhibits down, as First Flight Society members then picked up all the portraits from the Museum Resource Center to transport them to be displayed elsewhere.

Figure 1: Transporting Portraits from the Museum Resource Center


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