Crosscut Saw Training in the Golden Trout Wilderness

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On July 3, 2015

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Our latest blog post comes from contributor and Southern California Development Director Kyle Gunderman who recently went along for ACE California’s Crosscut Saw Training weekend.

Last weekend I had the good fortune of being able to attend a Crosscut saw training and work trip hosted by Todd Brockman of the Wilderness Corps. I was joined by ACE California Crew Leader Dennis Frenier, Assistant Crew Leader Justin Cosmo, and AmeriCorps Member Kat Lundy.

Crosscut Saw Training

The training took place on the Summit Trail in the Golden Trout Wilderness which lies within the Sequoia National Forest. This popular backpacking trail just west of Maggie mountain leads up to a series of Alpine lakes that are home to California’s state fish the Golden Trout. The 8 mile section that the crew focused on had no less than 21 downed trees across the trail. This results in the creation of ‘social trails’; as people avoid the obstacles they create often unsustainable alternative trails. This in turn leads to an increased risk of trail erosion.

Crosscut Saw Training

Through two days of hard work we removed all 21of these trees, decommissioned the social trails, and dramatically improved the passability of the trail. Now livestock and hikers can travel all the way to Jacobsen Meadow without having to worry about navigating an impassable trail. Here’s a big thank you to Sequoia National Forest and the Wilderness Corps for hosting ACE and giving us an opportunity to hone our traditional crosscut skills on some very technical trees.

Crosscut Saw Training

Happy Trails,
Kyle Gunderman

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