ACE Crew Member Headshot

Pronouns: he/him/his

Dates served with Peace Corps: September 2016 – May 2017

Location(s) served with Peace Corps: Perlita, Paraguay

Role in Peace Corps: Environmental Conservation Volunteer

Date Joined ACE: May 2017

Role(s) In ACE: SWA Field Operations Manager, SWA Training and Skills Coordinator, National Medical Training

Q:  What were you doing before joining the Peace Corps?  

A: Wildland Firefighter

Q:  How did you hear about The Peace Corps?

A: Three of my close family members completed Peace Corps terms of service. My mom served in the Congo, my aunt in Zimbabwe, and my uncle worked for PC for most of his career around the world!

Q: Walk me through your time with the Peace Corps? What were some of your favorite memories?

A: I had pre-service training for 3 months, then I moved to Perlita! I worked with a community group, farmed yerba mate, educated people about the dangers of burning plastic, started an organic gardening program, taught english, and played lots of guitar and soccer!

Q:  What was it like living in your service location?  Did you have significant time off?  If so- what did you do during that time off?

A: We drank yerba mate all day long! I had a huge amount of free time although that time turned out to be some of the most important time of my service. This is when I strengthened my bond with the community, nothing builds community like taking the niñitos on bike rides around the village!

Q:  In what ways did The Peace Corps shape your life personally and professionally?

A: PC taught me the value of being a good person and the importance of human connection.

Q:  Where did you hear about ACE?  

A: Conservation Job Board

Q: What skills did you learn in the Peace Corps that apply to being in ACE?

A: interpersonal skills and patience

Q:  How do you fill your time outside work? What’s your favorite outdoor activity?

A:  Mountain biking, skiing, trail running, snowboarding, backpacking, rafting, playing music, petting dogs

Q:  Lastly, what would you say to a current ACE member that aspires to be in the Peace Corps?

A: Know what you want out of your service (language, education, geographic location) and don’t be afraid of the commitment. Talk to returned PC volunteers to see if the countries you are applying to are a good fit!

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